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10 Ways Chatbots Are Making education smarter

10 Ways Chatbots Are Making education smarter

Ever wondered who asks the most questions? A curious mind would be a generic answer; however, we can point out to the students in schools and colleges who asks most of the questions. But to think of it, such curiosity requires immediate assistance and dedicated human resources that can guide the minds and questions of the students. However, it is not effective or possible to have it all, due to certain human limitations. Hence, the Chabots, being one of the latest trend of 2019.

As a chatbot development company, we know the significance of the inclusion of Chatbots to the educational curriculum. Our chatbot development services have evolved ever since its inception and now our services enable teachers counsel and address the queries of students on-the-go.

So, let’s dig deeper and learn how Chatbots are making education smarter in more ways than we know:

1.      Intelligent Learning System

Learning through a Chatbot is innovative and highly effective due to its instant and accurate responses. A Chatbot analyses query by the students and respond according to the required info. Since Chatbots uses AI, it is also used to access lectures in the form of a messaging thread which emulates a standard chat conversation. Students can also access information for quizzes, lessons and assignments.

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2.      Proficient Student-Teacher Engagement

Students and teachers are highly accustomed to social media and instant messaging forums. Hence, when Chatbots are incorporated into the curriculum, students and teachers can communicate proficiently via text messages and be notified about lessons and assignments. Thus, it enables an enhanced student-teacher engagement which is effective and easy.

3.      Nifty Feedbacks

Feedbacks are important in every scenario of our lives. In educational institutes, whether the feedback is for a teacher or a student, feedback plays an important role in the learning process. A teacher’s feedback allows a student to know more about their performances and evaluate them. Whereas, a student’s feedback allows a teacher to identify the blanks and fill in to enhance their teaching system by understanding student needs.

4.      Virtual Teaching Assistant

Students are receptive to extra assistance during the learning process. It’s been noted that students often seek guidance for assignments on the internet or to seniors who can help them.


Nowadays, to curb such requests, Chatbots are used as a secondary or assistant teacher to guide a student through the course unit, lessons, homework, assignments and maintain deadlines. Additionally, Chatbots have infused ‘human touch’ into online learning with its voice and text feature, that has revolutionized the ideology of virtual learning.

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5.      Instant Help

We live in a generation where the term pace is a lifestyle, for we prefer everything instant and easy. With Chatbots, educational institutes, parents, students and teachers have access to instant help. From sending emails to posting notices and communicating with the concerned parties, Chatbots enable instant help effectively.

6.      Ingenious Student Support

Student support in educational institutes is an important factor that allows students to trust their institute. For, it is important to connect to the students and communicate with them from time to time for acknowledgment, enquiry, information, and feedback purposes. Chatbots offer great services during admission as it provides all the necessary information to the applicants and ensures ingenious student support.

7.      Updated Information

A decade back, if a student missed school/class, it would be a strenuous process to access the information, tasks, activities, etc that took place on that day. Chatbots are exceptional and offer a wide range of services other than student requests. An institute, its staff and students along with the parents can avail up-to-date information via a Chatbot. This allows everyone to stay updated with the latest information when needed.

8.      24/7 Assistance

Like we mentioned earlier, Chatbots are the solution to the question’s students have for their teachers. Its effectivity is innovative and accurate which assists students to study and learn better. In all, the most helpful mode about a Chatbot is it is available anytime, anywhere. With 24/7 assistant, students can access virtual teacher’s assistance with ease.

9.      Easy Access to Website Information

A college or school website provides a multitude of information, including seminars, scholarships, administrative exercise, internships, interviews and more. It often gets hard to track the information, but with Chatbots, accessing information from the colossal of website updates is easy and swift.

10.   Simplified Administrative Process

Apart from students and teachers, another crucial being of an educational institute is its administration. Now, administrative processes are humongous and complicated, for there is a huge inflow and outflow of information on a daily basis. Chatbots allows the administration of an institute with the easy flow of administrative duties. It offers information, free access, admission information, eligibility criterion, clauses, laws, rules & regulations, and more.

Chatbots are efficient and smartens the education system in every end.

As a chatbot app development company, we offer chatbot development tools and services that will reshape your institute. Give us a call to find out more and let us help you with our excellent chatbot development services.

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