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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In Legs -Health

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In Legs -Health

A  lot  of times  we are suffering from cramps . Some times in the night suddenly we have cramps in the legs. Sometimes we can’t get up in the morning. We have to suffer a lot of pain due to it. We think that it is natural or sometimes it is normal pain. There is no need of medicine. If we will take a short nip it will get clear. So we didn’t understand what is the main reason behind it?

Let us discuss main reasons behind it

Mental  Reason : If we have a lot of negativity in our mind then definitely we have  A LOT OF PAIN IN THE  LEGS. Depression creates acidity in some body organs.

Every time I am everywhere right increases a lot of ego and ego creates so many mental illness , it creates physical illness.

Sometimes aloneness creates depression and it creates pain in the legs.

As I have observed so many people of this nature that if they have nice diet, healthy diet still they have a lot of pain in their legs. Then I understand that main reason is they have more negativity. As  when I am dealing with them they come across with me  in the full of negativity in their chatting.

In the teen age some students gets worried about their future and it causes pain in the legs. 


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Now let us we discuss physical reason of it.

1] Drinking more times tea and eating nicotine reduces B-Complex, create acidity with more lactic acid and causes pain in the legs.

2] Eating stale food, more acidic food, more fried food ,in balanced diet also causes pain in the legs.

3] Reducing water level in the body causes cramps in the legs. Tiredness and weakness are the main reason behind it.

4] Some time doing more exercise creates cramps in the legs .

5] If we have heard any danger news  for our relation ship or for our closer one then also it causes pain and create cramps in the legs.

6]   If we didn’t care to take nutrient food then also we feel pain in the legs.

7]   Due  to any reason it may be fasting or our busy schedule if we are not taking balanced diet then it  reduces sodium and potassium of our body.

8] If any person  has any infection as like Jaundice, fever, Typhoid, flu then also  it can cause  pain in the legs.

9] Working with full of pressure also  creates pain the legs.

10] Eating sour things as like tamarind,  raw mango,  sour curd or butter milk , raw fruits also increasespain in  the legs as well as in the forehead.


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What Should we Do To Remove It 

1]   Eat  drum stick  subji,  boiled eggs, gums Ladoo, cabbage, Aliv, drink milk, keep ghee in the daily meal . Eat like this a lot of calcium rich food.

2] Eat everyday one banana, in the early morning eat AMLA without eating anything, peanut Ladoo . etc

3]Take  breakfast everyday in the morning  at right time , not taking breakfast , taking late breakfast also causes pain  in the legs.

4]  Juice of orange, pineapple, is  the best medicine for all types of pain. Along with the lot of another body issues.

5] Reducing weight  also keeping us away from  the lot of body pain .

6] Good habits always keeps you away from all the sources  of negative behavior along with the lot of negative reactions.

7] Early  getting up removes our 80% problems of  life.

8] Keeping away worries, stress, anger, anxiety also reduces  all negativity along with all problems.

9] Always remaining in the satisfied form also maintain our good health.

10] Working with positive attitude everywhere never creates any problems.

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