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12 Tips to Accelerate the Career of a Programmer

12 Tips to Accelerate the Career of a Programmer

How to build a career, increase qualifications: tips from team development. 

Do not want to sit up in the position of a junior? Then here is the material on how to quickly grow for team lead. Talent is always a need in the IT industry and a budding programmer should be very careful at the beginning stage of career. 

You can make the career start easy and land on your dream job with some tips and strategies.   

Do not hang on freelance
- Hanging on freelance for long time is not a wise decision because career growth in IT is impossible without professionalism, so the first advice is not to hang for a long time in a “single flight”, to work together with more experienced colleagues. After college, many students have to program for a while on freelance. Due to a lack of knowledge in a number of areas they face many difficulties. One can overcome every problem with time while working in an IT company.

Personal projects make you a better developer

Be independent
- It is very important to be purposeful and not getting afraid of challenges and responsibilities. It is impossible to achieve an increase of 100% of the time engagement in routine affairs and following the instructions of others. If you want to grow in your position and salary, you need to take on more complex tasks and make decisions yourself. Also, if you want to earn credibility in the team, doing something useful for colleagues.

Adequately evaluate yourself
- Complacency and career development in the field of development are almost incompatible. As soon as you begin to put yourself above colleagues, they lose the desire to share experiences, and you yourself do not see the point in learning or correcting mistakes.

Take responsibility or receive unique expertise
- Responsibility grows with advancement along the managerial line, expertise - along the technical one. These areas are often connected in development, and an expert with unique knowledge can be responsible for a large project, working, for example, as a systems architect in a large integrator or CTO in a startup. This affects salary and authority.

To pump not only hard skills, but also soft skills
- When working on projects, you need to constantly interact with people both within the team and outside it. To do this, you need to develop soft skills: effective communication makes the job enjoyable and helps to complete projects on time. Create assignments for yourself on how to craft an effective plan for building soft skills. Get Assignment help Melbourne from colleges and find out the way to polishing your skills that can help you in future. 

Find time for self-development
- We need to constantly learn, if possible, applying our knowledge in practice. It is worth participating in interesting open source projects or developing your own. You can apply almost all the new knowledge in your workplace. Something new constantly appears in development, and even if your stack does not change very quickly, you should always study approaches from other technologies, follow interesting publications, and analyze algorithms.

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Be on the edge
- Stay up to date with the latest trends in IT. Keep an eye on the labor market. Try to master the technologies that will be relevant and relevant. Go through the list of requirements for young candidates and make a list of general skills that are required. Try to study them in practice or in theory so that the question “What is GIT or SVN?” Does not stupor you.

Interact with colleagues
- To improve faster, study the solutions that were implemented by more experienced developers. Pair programming is a great thing and a live exchange of experience and a qualitatively new result. 

Try yourself in startups
- In a startup, you can create a department, set up processes, organize work in your own way. An experienced employee has a real chance to become a boss and there is always more confidence in him/her, although there are exceptions.

Build up social capital
- Networking and creating open source projects are very essential. 

Take the initiative competently
- From the junior to the higher position it takes a long walk. The desire to understand your domain as much as possible, plus initiatives to improve technology and the workflow will help you grow. And this is a must-see leadership. It is important not only to work productively, but also to be able to adequately demonstrate the results of completed tasks. An adequate demonstration is a quality demo, a description of the amount of work done, a description of the profit that new functionality or improved old will bring. 

Get high
- You need to want to create new things, to bring something of your own to the project. It is still important to enjoy the work. The buzz from the fact that the piece of program text that was just written “comes to life” right before our eyes and begins to do the work for which it was created.
The above given tips can prove to be very helpful the aspiring programmers. 


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