Is there any way to improve the technologies we have seen in the past decade? A lot of progress has been made in the electronic, smartphone, and app industry and we can’t put keep our finger up to expect so much to what we have seen so far. The introduction of Facebook changed the social media world in a magnificent way, Instagram changed the photography collection game, Whatsapp messenger became the new way to communicate to anyone anywhere, some people haven’s still gotten over the filters and video-sharing features on Snapchat and TikTok, and Youtube became home to a lot videos from education, to comedy, to every topic or field you may be interested in. We also saw technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and the world being controlled with the use of a mobile application (Internet of things).

Industries involved with mobile app creation have been integrating new technologies making it grow at a great pace and it only makes us watch spaces for a whole lot that will be improved on and built, maybe we will have flying cars, micro-chips implants to control devices etc.

Artificial Intelligence Will Be the Greatest Jobs Engine the World Has Ever Seen

There are a few technologies we will be excited to see the function in its prime in 2020 as it will be a year of unification and course correction for younger technologies and some of these trends include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence–Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that is concerned with the simulation of human intelligence with machines especially computer systems which are capable of performing a task which will normally require human intelligence. AI is rapidly changing every field in our society and it has given rise to questions such as is a computer intelligent.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is concerned with making machines (computers systems) think rationally, think humanly, act rationally and act humanly. Many of these systems are powered by machine learning, deep learning and other AI concepts. Although it has done a lot for human, it still has some limitations like not being able to think for itself, requires supervision and it is expensive with a high cost of maintenance.

For Artificial Intelligence to grow into its full potential, some measures must be taken such as;

  • Algorithm: Algorithms have done the job so far, but a lot of improvements can be done and implementation of an FDA-type board, that looks into every algorithm with an extensive test run to examine its impacts.
  • Humans must remain in the loop if AI will go a long way because when an algorithm is taken out of the context it was designed for, it fails; so humans must continue to be heard while developing the technology.
  • Ensure human rights are not infringed upon but promoted during development.
  1. Blockchain – This is a revolutionary technology which underpins digital currency (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.) such that they are maintained across several computers that are connected in a peer-to-peer network. It allows individuals and companies to make instantaneous transactions by removing third-parties, offering great security, no transaction cost and offers transparency to both parties. One party creates a block which is verified by various computers distributed around on the web, after verification the block is added to a chain which is then stored with a unique key which is known as a “hash”. The advantage of this technology is trying to forge/counterfeit any block will mean doing so to the entire chain making it easy to identity any act of falsification. The applications of blockchaini the transformation of the society include;
  • Financial services such as asset management
  • Supply chain management.
  • Data sharing.
  • Copyright and royalty protection.
  • Internet of things network management.
  • Cross border payments.
  • Expediting energy futures trading and performance.
  • Transparency for public records through the usage of digital form platform for bookkeeping and audition of documents.
Exchange blockchain-based data with Hyperledger Aries

Blockchain has its downsides like the use of excessive energy, their entries are not immutable, breed complexity, and problems of scalability which informs developers there is still a lot of work to be done on the technology. If you are looking for the best Blockchain app development company, you should do your own research and hire the best one.

  1. Internet of Things – Many of us must have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a network of interconnected devices which are embedded with software, sensors, network connectivity and electronics that enable them to exchange data making these devices responsive. The platform enables embedded devices which are connected to the internet to collect and exchange data with each other. IoT views a world where every object involved with one’s life is connected with each other making life easier and smarter than ever before. For a student, an alarm wakes him up in the morning, informs the coffee machine to prepare breakfast, which sends signal to the taxi to come pick the person up within a specified time limit, navigation systems keeping tabs to ensure student is at the right place at all times with wearable devices monitoring vitals constantly. From the given illustration, there are four basic components which allow the proper functioning of this technology which include;
  1. Sensors: These are the devices responsible for collecting information from the environments which will act as input.
  2. Connectivity: The data gotten is sent to the cloud through a couple of methods such as cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or direct connection to the internet. Each of the given options has its tradeoffs between bandwidth, range and power consumption so choosing any of the options is dependent on its application but they are all responsible for sending information to the cloud.
  3. Data Processing: Every input must be worked upon to produce the desired output or result to the user so the devices responsible carry out their functions such as identification of threats via computer vision or it may be checking of human temperature with the use of the thermometer.
  4. User Interface: What happens when there are threats or temperature reading is abnormal? There comes the final component which allows user to interact with the system and also allows them to specify the kind of action to be taken, some may be automatic or manually instructed.

It is still lacking in some areas as many of its systems are poorly designed due to immature IoT technologies, lacks a standard for authentication, prone to cybersecurity, and connection of so many devices is far from being fully implemented.

Due to these drawbacks, the concept Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) was given birth to which is the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things that enables the technology to achieve more operations, improve human-machine communications and enhance data management. The addition of Artificial Intelligence adds value through connectivity, supports analytics, signalling, data exchange and creation of new technology such as IoT data as a service. The technology is embedded into infrastructure components, chipsets which are all connected by a network and APIs are used to extend interoperability between each component at the device level, software level and platform level. It is still a new concept with many possibilities for improving industry verticals, such as enterprise, consumer product and service sectors. It could be the answer to solving existing operational problems, such as expense associated with human capital management or complexity of supply chains.

It is applied in consumer appliances which are implemented by cognitive computing, data analytics implemented by machine learning, automation and integration with social media and human resource-related platform for the creation of AI decision service.

Final Thoughts

These technologies have created a positive turnaround in businesses and digital transformation, even though there are a couple of lapses here and there it must be recognized that they have so much potential in revolutionizing our world making life easier and better.

Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Your Intelligence?


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