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3  Ways To Block Kids From Installing Apps On Their Android Phone

3 Ways To Block Kids From Installing Apps On Their Android Phone

Do your kids install new applications in their Android phones?

Today’s children love to browse the internet and latest applications. Although a plethora of apps exists on kid’s phone, yet, they seek something trendy. As soon as a new app is introduced in the market, they start downloading it on their devices. Such impulsive behavior may drive parents crazy. 

However, all the applications are not suitable for children of all ages. Thus, to protect teens from online hazards, you need to keep tabs on their installation habits. Will the Parental Control App for App Block be useful in mitigating the internet risks? Let us find out.

What is App Install Blocker?

App Blocker Android is a tool of parental control software that enables blocking the inappropriate applications on kid’s Android device. 

If your child keeps downloading new applications from the Play Store, you can control such habits using best app blocker for android

With this tool, you can check and control adolescent's digital activities that include content they see, the time they spent on apps and much more.

Now, let us check the ways to stop kids from getting irrelevant applications.

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3 ways to Block Kids From Installing Apps On Their Android Phone:

1. Educate children:

Invest your time in educating children about viruses and how bugs are making their way into the devices. Expert hackers do not necessarily inject malicious codes. Few poorly translated description or offensive apps carry the deadliest viruses.

Additionally, teach your kids about the apps that are worth paying attention to. Also, raise awareness about spam emails or interlinks in various applications that are not supposed to be touched or clicked.

2. Enforce rules:

Sit and discuss with your kids about the expectations of device usage. Set the rules for downloading the types of applications and share the benefits of a parental control app. Convey the outcomes of breaching the rules.

However, protecting kids entirely from the internet is not possible, but you can curb the screen time and unnecessary apps installation with the best parental control app.  

3. Enable  App Install Blocker tool:

Fortunately, with the help of App Install Blocker, you can easily block the harmful apps on your child’s Android phone. 

You simply need to activate the tool in your device, and it won't allow your kids to download any new applications. In case your children want 1-2 apps on their mobiles, they need to seek your permission.

By now, you are aware of the ways to block applications, let us move on to the need of App Blocker for your child’s benefits.

Reasons To Download App Install Blocker:

  • Protect your child from unsuitable content on the internet

  • Bad practice of downloading a new program can be mitigated.

  • Indirectly reduces the excessive screen time.

  • Children can spend productive hours on other core activities.

  • Safeguards child interest from cyberstalkers or child molesters

  • Provides more time for family and increases real-time interaction

  • Control the cravings of continually checking the smartphones. 

Scroll down your screen to get insights into one of the best parental control software.

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Bit Guardian Parental Control - Parental Control App for iGeneration

It is a software for Android users that enables you to keep a check on the child’s online tasks. You can add multiple children at a time to manage their digital activities simultaneously. 

Exclusive tools of this software provide complete protection to your kids, which also consists of App Blocker and App Install Blocker.

Apart from stopping children from downloading harmful contents, this program enables you to perform various tasks:

  • To send an alert when your kid faces dangerous situations

  • To schedule the internet usage time on the device or play offline games

  • To navigate kids outside the house.

  • To keep a check on the driving behavior of teens

  • To block the unidentified callers. 

  • To find the stolen/ misplaced device.

When you can receive all functionalities in a single software, why to look back and forth? Try one of the trustworthy parental control applications - Bit Guardian Parental Control and explore tools to secure kids in the digital world.

Keep your child safe and secure with a one-stop solution of Bit Guardian Parental Control. Install now!

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