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4 Major trends for content to be used be in 2020

4 Major trends for content to be used be in 2020

In the year 2020, content marketing along with SEO is going to enter a diverse era. We are heading towards methodologies that are more useful, applicable and beneficial for the content, especially since it aligns with the requirements of the industry. Content is growing which also means that it is growing in quality as well, they are more strategized, researches and formatted. And that has given a new shape to content marketing, working wondrously for brands coming from all industries. 

To help you keep up with the new trends, we have gathered 4 major changes that are going to take place which are going to change the outlook of content in 2020. Here are those examples; 

  • Visual content:

Whether it’s for entertainment purposes or to communicate through better means, people are getting into the dynamics of interactive visuals. The current generation regards visual aspects in a different manner. May it under social media platforms, visual content surpasses all content. Developers can even create their own augmented reality, there are endless possibilities to the things you can do with visual content. And several marketers have recognized the potential, implementing it in their own work that has enabled them to connect with their viewers more effectively. 

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  • Storytelling by the help of video content:

With the rise in demand for social media that caters video content, the dynamics of imagery shifted completely. And they are predicted to change furthermore in the year 2020. Storytelling is no more confined to texts and drawings, it is now being conveyed through the help of video content. Not only have animators taken notice of this but several Wikipedia page creation service too agree with the increasing use of visuals that offer a narrative. 

As per different surveys, there has been an estimated amount of 85% that watches video content on a monthly basis on their gadgets.  And around 25-44 year olds come across video content that has been presented to them by their favorite brands. Not only does this benefit the consumers but aids businesses at improving their conversion rates. 

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  • Increasing the EAT:

Google recently pointed out its upgrades concerning EAT, the term itself refers to expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness; and that is expected to be followed by content creators in the year 2020. Not only does it apply to sites but all entities that are being utilized for the purpose of helping brands and organizations establish their revenue and consumers. 

This has made it a necessity to follow certain guidelines in manner to craft useful and beneficial content that is backed up by EAT. The criteria simply asks content to provide links from other resources that have been used for referencing, along with proper details regarding the page that also includes credentials. It does not end there, the content is required to use credible sources for data and stats, along with the emphasis on using proven facts rather than firing arrows in the dark. 

  • Purposeful and targeted content:

Purposeful content is heading to the year 2020 with a boom. Content creators and marketers are emphasizing on content maintaining its quality in order to receive the recognition it deserves and wishes to obtain. Most marketers try to put their viewer’s requirements on top of theirs, whether it’s through promotional contexts or through information based on the needs of the audience which they wish to seek. 

In fact, the competition within search engines has gotten extremely tough as compared to how it was a couple of years ago. It has become harder for contents to stand out from their competition, ever since there has been a saturation of material on online platforms. 

By focusing on these 4 trends you can potentially put yourself and your content ahead of everyone else in the industry. Not only is it going to give you an edge at your work but provide you with the right set of features that are required in a piece of content to  appear under the limelight. Simply know what your audience wants from you, apply the right strategies and work through the right approaches. An effective researching is going to help you present your narrative through effective communication with the help of your content. 

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