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5 Mobile Marketing Trends that will revolutionize Business in 2020

5 Mobile Marketing Trends that will revolutionize Business in 2020

The advancement of technology has played a critical role in modern marketing. It has enhanced the growth and prosperity of businesses by creating effective organizational relationships that allow fruitful interaction between companies and prospective customers. Today, the world has over 2.71 billion users of smartphones, making this area the most opportune of business. The five mobile marketing trends below will revolutionize the industry in 2020. 

1. A Creative Format Renaissance With 5G

The constant improvement of cellular network technology promises a bright business future through the introduction of 5G networks. A dependable fast connection will help in improving customer service experience, boost productivity and support the projected growth of the company. The companies will have the opportunity of incorporating the latest marketing tips in their marketing strategies to reach their targeted customers. The improvement in cellular technology will assist companies to load quality videos of cinematic length about their products for their customer’s review. However, marketers have the responsibility of managing their campaigns to avoid intrusive marketing.

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2. Full Purchase Path Using Voice Assistants

Mobile App marketing trends 2020 is expected to go a notch higher with the adoption of voice technology. The utilization of the voice assistant will help the customers to make their entire purchases through voice commands. However, security measures must be put in place to protect customers from fraudulent activities. Brands must give clear elaboration on matters regarding the functioning of the process and whether the voice searches are recorded. 

3.DOOH Advertising Enhanced With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality ads generate a three-dimensional experience for the user. It will be one of the most effective mobile marketing tools because it creates an emotional connection with the customer. As opposed to the common usage of banners and images in marketing, augmented reality ads are more lifelike and interactive. This feature helps in capturing people's attention, a factor that will help the marketers in achieving the attention of the targeted customers. The fact that some companies have used it successfully, App marketing company should adopt it in the cellular technology to tap the vast market.

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4. Creation of Personal Connection With Messenger Ads

The introduction of social networks has greatly affected people's modes of communication. Nowadays, most people are used to chatting using messengers as opposed to calling. Messenger ad solutions enhance conversation between customers and your business, a factor that helps in driving the intended results. Over 1.3 billion people interact using messenger every month. In a recent Facebook study, 53% of the respondents revealed a high likelihood of shopping with a business that uses chat window as its medium of communication. The prevailing demand for direct contact brings out the need for chat app function for all brands. The main focus of brand marketing should be on the current personal connection. Small businesses can utilize this interactive tool to achieve a personal level interaction with their customers. 

5. Large-Scale Adoption of Cross-Channel AI Solutions

As marketing becomes an increasingly data-driven discipline, the effectiveness of the data obtained is essential in the improvement of personalization, customer experience, and targeting. The presence of big data and the advancement of analytic solutions have greatly assisted marketers in developing a clear picture in regards to their target audiences. The insight on big data helps in boosting the digital marketers’ campaign performance. Most companies utilize artificial intelligence to enhance purchases, as well as improving the customer’s experience.


The advancement in technology and marketers' innovations will help in the growth of businesses in 2020 through the utilization of these trends as companies aspire to enlarge their clientele through improved customer services.

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