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6DOF Controller add-on for Vive Focus announced by HTC

6DOF Controller add-on for Vive Focus announced by HTC

Today, HTC reported another item which is 6DOF controller following extra flame Vive Focus which would bring the 6DOF controller following to the gadget. HTC's independent VR headset had an incredible dispatch in China prior this year, after which it was discharged as an improvement pack in West this year May. 

The awe-inspiring component in the gadget which is back to front 6DOF head following yet the headset single controller ships with offers just 3 DOF information. HTC likewise reported that the Vive Focus will get its very own 6DOF controller exchanging add-on dev pack. Designers can likewise present their enthusiasm for getting the HTC Vive Focus 6DOF controller gadget unit add-on beginning today. 

Richard Lai Tweeted, "Here is demoing the new 6DOF double controller dev-unit for the HTC Vive Focus independent VR headset". 

Vive Focus was one of the first independent VR headsets which incorporate back to front 6DOF head following which was combined with a 3DOF Controller in an exceptionally unbalanced structure space. 

The 6DOF Controllers dev-unit for Vive Focus incorporates two new controller and a following connection for the headsets itself. Other headset like Quest use locally available cameras to find and track IR LEDs on the Controllers, Viva Focus as of now incorporates installed cameras for dealing with its own head following, yet the extra proposes some other tech is being utilized to follow the new 6DOF controllers seem to have a circled top which likely contains equipment to help the following tech. That it has plans to discharge new headset dependent on Vive Wave which will incorporate 6DOF positional following. The dev-pack will empower engineers to work for those prospective gadget. – HTC 

Already there was a declaration made by HTC that the Vive Focus 3 DOF controller will get a 6DOF mode, however at this point it tends to be seen that 6DOF controller dev-pack is through and through various.

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