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7 Garden Lighting Ideas to Create Amazing Look for Your Home

7 Garden Lighting Ideas to Create Amazing Look for Your Home

The electrical contractors share their top ideas on garden lighting and tell about the products to use for creating a magical garden lighting in your home. If you are considering for lighting your garden or landscape, make sure you know that a little light actually goes a long way for the night. You may choose to use lighting selectively and know that darkness can be used for creating greater effect to hide less attractive areas. Make sure you decide the areas to light, know your key features and try to focus on them.

This blog post discusses about garden lighting tips and ideas by the electricians in London that will enable you to light your home beautifully and use exterior light fittings for your need.

  1. Flexibility – The major key for landscape lighting in the most successful way is flexibility. LED exterior spike lights are a suitable option as they can be shifted easily to match with the planting growth and changing seasons. The Hampton 25 spiked floodlight and Kew 25 spiked spotlight enable you to light your landscape effectively so that you can consume as much energy as possible. They are the ideal solution for larger landscapes.
  2. Light steps – Take light steps in the garden for proper aesthetics as well as safety purpose. The Lucca or Riena External are the perfect solution and create atmosphere to lessen the risk of anyone tripping. On the other hand, if you are looking for garden lighting effect, then try using night lights in a small glass holder that offer a suitable way to put greater emphasis on low level wall or staircase. The Lucca and Riena are versatile fittings that can be used for the side of a pot or uplighting the wall.
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  3. Water features – According to electricians of Electric Works London, water features are a superb medium to light as refraction and movement will drive patterns that reflect on surrounding areas. Choose underwater spotlight under a water flow or use fibre optics within the water jets for the magical effect of a candle light. Alternatively, you can add fibres and set into the base of a pool at random that seem like the stars.
  4. Fitting selection – Mostly, the light fittings of garden are usually black but the ones that blend the best are olive green. Copper fittings can be considered as a good choice when they patinate to neutral green with age. Discover how Hampton 40 floodlights seem to become invisible in the garden but work extremely hard to light up box balls and thus, form a wonderful scenario.
  5. Key features – Some key features of lighting like key large trees or statues ensure that the focus is on them during the night. In the same way, it may draw your eyes towards expending the vista. The tree trunks have been lit by using spiked Kew 40 spotlights that can be used for crossing the light at the end.
  6. Layering light – It is worthy to mention layering light as an important part of the garden lighting. In this case, the larger pots that have Lucca External uplights and 1w spiked Kews for crossing the light of planted olive trees have been uplitted.
  7. Driveway – You need to take into consideration how your approach to your house or garden will appear at night time. This is usually the first impression that the friends have when they reach your place. Try to light up some key features like trees, façade or shrubs for creating the most pleasing environment.  Try to avoid using security lights that seem to be glarey and will wash the entire space with extreme harsh light.

The above-discussed points will help you to understand how to install garden lighting in London safely.

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