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8 Reasons to Choose Flutter App Development

8 Reasons to Choose Flutter App Development

Earlier, the mobile app development services used PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native, and other mobile app development platforms. But, these days, many developers are using Flutter instead of other alternatives. Besides, it can be considered as one of the major competitors of React Native. Well, there are several reasons why app development companies are choosing Flutter App Development.

One of the best parts of Flutter is that it is compatible with all types of platforms. Also, while developing an app through this, you have to write a single code. Therefore, you can comprehend the convenience of it.

To be precise, it is one of the best options when it comes to faster and easier app development. Besides, it is the solution to one of the main challenges of business- to provide a fantastic user experience without worrying about the device or the channel.

So, let us understand the reasons why companies are choosing Flutter for mobile app development. We have outlined 8 top reasons here.

  1. Flutter for mobile app to get rid of the cross-platform limitations

Well, it one of the significant reasons why people are choosing Flutter over other options. It helps the developers to deter from writing different verses of codes. Instead of that, a flutter app developer uses a single code.

Therefore, the developer doesn’t have to go through the hustles of creating different codes for different platforms. Besides, the app that they make doesn’t lag. And for that reason, it provides a brilliant experience.

Furthermore, it solved several issues like limited designs as well as slow testing procedures. Moreover, the UI of this framework is made up of Java. Therefore, you can comprehend the fact that Flutter is ahead of its time. Also, it is an executable binary machine file.

  1. Increase productivity with Flutter for mobile app

Yes, Flutter has an essential role to play when it comes to productivity. Compared to other frameworks, it will increase your creativity. Well, the best part is, it has a feature named Hot Reload. It helps to reload the changes quickly.

In the case of the previous native frameworks, they used to take a lot of time while loading the changes. However, with Flutter, the developers can load the difference within seconds. Therefore, it serves your purpose for faster checking and quicker delivery.

It also allows the designer and the developer to work as a team. To be precise, this feature helps the developers and designers to save almost 150 hours of effort. Thus, the Flutter app Development Company chooses it for mobile app development.

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  1. Customized widgets provide a quicker user interface

This is one of the reasons why most of the organizations and companies are hiring Flutter Developers. Well, Flutter serves the purpose of a subject-oriented building block. Crafters use it to craft numerous UI features.

Thus, it is possible to integrate widgets like Drawer, Scaffold, and others to construct different layouts. The best part is the developers can create these layouts from any levels of customization. So, you can start from scratch, and you can also customize it from the existing once.

Also, one can wrap these widgets into each other, across various platforms. And for that reason, the users will go through a fantastic experience. So, you can see that it is one of the significant reasons why you should choose this app.

  1. Compatible with extensive IDEs

Most of the time, the developers use Integrated Development Environments while coding for an app. Well, one of the examples of Integrated Development Environments is Android Studio. And, in the case of Flutter, it uses the visual code.

Well, a visual code is nothing, but a faster option compared to others. On top of it, it consists of numerous features in its sleeves. And of the exceptional features that you will find in this is IntelliJ. Most of the time, the developers don’t need it as long as they have Flutter.

So, Flutter is the best option for every possible aspect.

  1. Firebase support

Now, it is one of the most functional features that you will find in Flutter. Well, the compatibility with the firebase signifies the fact that it doesn’t need to create any backups. Besides, it will help in the quicker launch of the applications.

The other perk of Flutter is that it consists of cloud storage. Besides, it has numerous other things like hosting, tame databases, etc. Apart from all these, it will bring your infrastructure in such a way that you can scale it without a server.

On top of it, when a developer will integrate with automation, it will go up into a whole new level. It will release processes like Fastlane, which will enable continuous delivery. Besides, it doesn’t require any DevOps support system.

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  1. Compatible with OS Fuchsia of Google

Well, one of the best parts of the Flutter apps is that they are compatible with all types of CPUs. And for that reason, it is quite a dominant OS, which is capable of powering other OSs. So, you can comprehend that when such a powerful OS integrates with an OS like Fuchsia, it becomes even stronger.

Well, you should know the fact that Fuchsia uses the UI rendering engine of Flutter. So, Flutter is potent enough to serve as the base of more and more apps. It is not confined within the Fuchsia alone. Moreover, Fuchsia recently came up with a feature named ART (Android Runtime).

The purpose of this feature is to transform all the Android apps to the Fuchsia OS. Furthermore, Fuchsia is also considered as the soul of IoT as it plays a significant role in empowering low-powered devices. Also, it will serve as the base of AR and VR.

  1. Reactive development

Flutter follows the responsive development building blocks, just like the React Native. Reactive programming signifies the fact that when the update is available on the code variables, the UI will receive the update automatically.

Besides, Flutter utilizes Dart language. And that exterminates the requirement of the bridge. Hence, it makes direct communication with the native platform. Thus, it is one of the best options to look for.

  1. Mobile app testing and Code Magic

We have already discussed that Flutter uses the programming language named Dart. And that helps to separate widgets for the communication of testing interface. Besides, Dart helps a lot while performing the unit test.

To be precise, the developers don’t need to test the apps on various platforms. Well, the app is built on a single code, which is compatible with all the platforms.  

Besides, these days, most of the developers use Nevercode and Travis CI for outsourcing. And Flutter has its ties with Nevercode, which creates the Code Magic. Well, Code Magic helps in the process of continuous delivery and integration.

To be precise, Code magic is an elucidation that can test, detect, develop, and package the Flutter apps without the requirement of configuration.

So, these are the reasons why you should use Flutter App Development for the next Mobile app project

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