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A complete Guide For Planning A Successful Exhibition Stand

A complete Guide For Planning A Successful Exhibition Stand

Participating in a trade show may sound easy, but in reality, it takes a lot of time, money, and concentration. You have to gather a lot of elements for your participation. And the complete process is more than just a collection of the requisites.

It includes a selection of the right exhibition stand, organizing excellent sales staff, preparing display graphics, display content, exhibition event management and many more. Whether you are exhibiting for the first time or a regular exhibitor.

In this article, we have listed down some essential points that help you in trade show success.

1. Make A-List

Every person has different needs and requirements, and it depends on their goals. It is also based on the product and services that they want to sell. You should make a complete exhibition requirements list for your expo. 

In this list, mention every detail that you need for marketing purpose, whether it is a payment tool or writing paper, display graphics, or demo products. Make sure to write down every element in the list so that you do not forget anything.

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2. Select Right Type Of Exhibition Stand

There is a wide variety of exhibition stands available in the market, and you can choose any one of them as per the needs of your business. Selection of exhibition stand depends on various factors- Are your regular exhibitor? 

What are your objectives? How much budget is for your stand design? After answering all these questions, select the right type and model of your exhibition stand. 

Well, the preparations for the trade show and exhibition event management should start as early as possible. Start searching for the best exhibition stand that meets all your needs.

3. Check Out Wires And Cables

Make sure to examine the power requirements of your exhibition stand properly. Examine what do you need- 5 amp, 10 amp, 15 amp or 20 amp. Based on your condition, choose one! Also, ask the exhibition organizers how many he will provide you. If you need more massive, then arrange it by yourself.
Also,  you should make a perfect plant to position your cables in the appropriate position. In case, your stand is in raised style then you can lay them beneath the floor. 

If it is not so, then you should arrange them around the position. Make sure wires around the stand should be adequately covered. It is your responsibility to ensure safety while laying these cables.

4. Do Mockup Before Final Day

All exhibitors must do exhibition stand mockup before the last day. Direct exhibition stand installation on the trade show floor is not a good idea. Please run at least one practice session before installing your stand on the exhibition floor. 

You can also take the help of a renowned exhibition stand builder in your area for exhibition preparation guide and practice session. This practice session will help you in figure out the missing part or any damaged section in the exhibition stand.

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5. Arrange A Meeting With Salesperson

You should speak to the staff members before the event starts. This meeting should be arranged a week before the show. Tell your salesperson about your main objective and share the complete plan to get more prospects at your trade booth. 

Also, announce for best performer in the event. Along with salesperson, also arrange another meeting with other staff members who are responsible for holding managing warehouse and store. Make sure to convey the same information to all staff members and avoid conflicts between them.

6. Organize Transport Facilities As Early As Possible

You should find a perfect means of transportation to get your staff, trade booth, and all other essential items along with you. Arranging a transportation facility may not be difficult if the vent place is nearby to your office. 

While carrying your trade booth to the event floor, handle it with care. If you can not take both staff members and the exhibition, stand in one vehicle then hire two -One for staff and another one for an exhibition stand.

7. Go For One Final Check

Take the checklist in one hand and examine everything mentioned in the list one by one before departing. Please ensure that all items are at their place and no element is missing. 

Even a small mistake can take you away from success. When you will reach the exhibition and find that everything is organized, you will feel happy and confident.

Final Words

If you have registered your company's name for an upcoming trade show, then you should start preparing as early as possible. Follow the above-listed step one by one and get ready for the final show day. If you need more help, then you should contact the best stand builder in your area who will guide you.

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