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All about CABG - Coronary artery bypass

All about CABG - Coronary artery bypass


Coronary artery bypass is a surgical process that is done to improve blood flow to the heart and is recommended to people who have severe coronary heart disease i.e., CHD. CHD is a condition in which plaque build-up inside the coronary arteries. These arteries help to supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart. Plaque is the kind of fat, calcium, or cholesterol that are found in the blood. This plaque can block arteries and leads to a reduction in blood flow to the heart muscle. The patient suffering from severe blockages experience shortness of breath and angina and in serious conditions, heart attack. 

What is CABG?

CABG is the most common type of open-heart surgery also known as 

  • Bypass surgery

  • Heart bypass surgery

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery

It is not necessary that CHD can only be treated by this open-heart surgery as there are many other treatment methods too, which can treat this condition. Doctors suggest medicines, lifestyle changes, and angioplasty treat it. Angioplasty is done by the small mesh tube known as a stent, which is placed in an artery to open it. 

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Symptoms of coronary artery disease

Your doctor will recommend coronary artery bypass graft surgery when you will need to treat a blockage or narrowing of one or more than one of the coronary arteries to improve blood supply to your heart. Below are some of the symptoms that indicate coronary artery disease, which you should not ignore:

  • Chest pain

  • Fatigue

  • Abnormal heart rhythms

  • Shortness of breath

  • Indigestion

  • Swelling in feet and hands 

Sadly, you may not experience any symptoms in the initial stage of coronary artery disease. When the problem reaches the high stage, and enough artery blockage will cause problems and above-listed symptoms. The time your blood supply stops reaching your heart, you may have a heart attack. There are many more reasons to when a doctor recommend CABG surgery.

What to expect during coronary artery bypass surgery?

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery or Heart Bypass Surgery cost in India ranges from USD 4500 to USD 6000. This surgery requires a stay in the hospital, and the process may depend upon your condition along with your doctor’s practices. 

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Procedures of CABG

  1. On-pump procedure

During this procedure, the doctor will stop your heart temporarily. After that, tubes are inserted in the heart to pump your blood through your body by heart-lung bypass machine. After this, your doctor will stop the heart by injecting it with a cold solution and will start with the bypass graft. you may need one or more graft depending upon your blockages and location. After the completion of the surgery doctor will check the blood circulation through the bypass machine and will also remove all tubes to the machine. Your heart will start again by the mild electric shock. 

  1. Off-pump procedure

Under this procedure, the doctor will open the chest and stabilize the area around the artery, which has to be bypassed with a special instrument.

The remaining heart will continue to function and pump blood through the body as usual.  During this process, the heart-lung bypass machine, along with the person who runs it, will be standing on the side in case needed .you may have more or one bypass graft done, and it entirely depends upon your blockages and the location.

Top Doctors For Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) Treatment  in India

  1. Dr. Naresh Trehan, Cardiac Surgeon with 40 years of experience 

  2. Dr. Ajay Kaul, Cardiac Surgeon with 36 years of experience 

  3. Dr. Murtaza Ahmed Chishti, Cardiac Surgeon with 34 years of experience

  4. Dr. Surendra Nath Khanna, Cardiac Surgeon with 25 years of experience

However, you will return home after a few days of CABG surgery, but it will take many months before you return to your regular routine. It is very difficult to recover emotionally and physically from major surgery . after the surgery for the first few months are very crucial, you might also attend a cardiac rehab program, which will help you to recover fast. Your doctor will set your goals, which you have to reach, and will also restrict several activities that would slow your recovery too. Your recovery after surgery will take about four to six weeks, and the pace of recovery will entirely depend upon your health condition before surgery.

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