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Android App Development: Top Features and Release Date of Android 11

Android App Development: Top Features and Release Date of Android 11

As we all know, after the Android 9 Pie launch, Google announced that they will be following the numerical pattern for the future OS versions. That is why after Android 10 which is known as “Android Q” as well, we are here to give you some information on the upcoming Android 11. If you are a regular follower of Android news, then I’m sure that you know that Google has recently released a developer preview of Android 11. This has brought a lot of hustle among different android app development companies around the globe. Google went ahead of its usual year journey, as they released the developer preview on the last week of February instead of the usual March days.

Big Question – When will Android 11 be released?

It is expected to be announced on May 12, 2020, and the final build will begin to roll out from October 2020 onwards to all the eligible phones. Have a glance at the release timeline!

The pixel devices will the first ones with the official Android updates, with a doubt. Later on, other devices will receive the updates. Now, let’s dig into the features of the Android 11.


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Here’re the features of Android 11

As an Android lover, I personally love to know what the upcoming OS is going to offer. If various reports are concerned, different Android app development service providers are very excited about the launch of Android 11, so, do the normal Android users. These are the features that are likely to come up with the official launch of Android 11.

1. Mute notifications during recording

It is always annoying when a notification pops up during the time of video recording. However, you don’t need to worry more, with Android 11, you will have an uninterrupted video recording because the upcoming OS will allow muting the notifications while recording.

2. Native screen recording

Screen recording is one of the essential elements in Android and wished by many users and here it is finally. Previously, we heard the rumors of this feature making into Android 10 but failed to do so. However, it is sure that with android 11 we are going to get this feature. No longer additional apps to record screen, phew!


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3. Scrolling screenshots

Yes, you read it right, finally scrolling screenshot will be at your service with Android 11. This is one of the anticipated features for Android users across the world.

4. Improved support for curved displays

Android phones with curved displays always look appealing, but the major issue arises with an accidental touch which ends up ruining our experience with the devices. But this problem is set to leave aside with a new API introduced with Android 11.

5. Share menu App pinning

This feature was there in Android previously but was taken down due to some unknown reason. But now it is getting its way back with the Android 11 update.


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6. Improved notification shade conversations

In the current Android version, we can reply to the topmost texts by pulling down the notification and tap to reply. But, with the upcoming OS update, you can do much more than just opening the topmost recent text to reply. Sending picture messages from right there will be possible and that’s so satisfying, right?

7. Dark mode scheduling

Yes, you read it right. You can schedule the dark mode in Android 11. It is expected that we will see a robust system-wide dark mode in Android 11. Depending upon the time you use, this feature will automatically switch the setting on the device between the dark and normal mode based on the daylight or night.

8. One time permissions

As you all know, on the current marketed version of Android i.e. Android Q (Android 10), we have a feature that asks to allow location, camera or microphone data permissions only while the app is open. However, this is going to change with the introduction of Android 11, it is reported we will have a one-time permission setting that will enable usage permission only for a single time.

9. Reverse charging

The battery sharing option will be seen in the Android 11. This means that the future pixel devices will come with reverse wireless charging and Pixel 5 will be the number one.

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