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Android Parental Control Software to Protect Kids & Teens

Android Parental Control Software to Protect Kids & Teens

We hear bad news almost every day, such as to intimidate a child online, make friends with children and kidnap them, steal someone’s private data then in result a child become stressed. Because of fear, a child could not share the situation with parents. Sometimes in serious circumstances, a kid commits suicide and parents find out the reason later.

To avoid such a bad situation, parents should take special care of their children until a certain age. Like, teens and kids are usually seen as the victim in such harmful incidents. In this regard, spy technology helps parents to protect kids by keeping a secret eye on kid’s activities. 

There are several advanced technological spy software on the market. When you have so many choices, it is pretty daunting to pick the right one. Because if you choose the wrong one, you will lose both money and time. Here, we will tell you about the Mobile Spy App for Androidfor kids monitoring, so you can avoid fraud.

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TheOneSpy Parental Control App

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is powerful advance software that is most popular these days. It gives a special package of solutions to parents in the form of digital parenting. It offers a bundle of advanced features to facilitate parents in different ways.

Parents can monitor their kids, where they are going, to whom they are secretly meeting, what are their kids’ interest or who is bullying their kids, etc. If kids are getting affected by any harmful activity or threaten by unknown so parents can prevent their kids.

Let’s see TOS advance features which help parents to monitor their kids every single activity.

Features of TOS

TheOneSpy has more than 250 unique and reliable features. Every unique feature performs multiple functions. Here are some advanced features of TOS.

  • Call logs
  • SMS tracker
  • Multimedia tracker
  • Live 360 surrounding listener
  • Live 360 camera streaming
  • Social media apps tracker
  • GPS location tracker
  • E-mail tracker
  • Geo-Fencing

TOS value for customers

TOS serves users with its unique and satisfactory services. It gives value to loyal customers, so they recommend others as well.

  • Real-time monitoring

User can get the information on time.

  • 24/7 Customer support service

TOS customer support service team serves users 24 hours and gives satisfying answers to all queries.

  • Money-back guarantee

TOS gives 14 days money-back guarantee on all package’s and plans, like if a user purchases the wrong one, so the user can return within 14 days of purchase.


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TheOneSpy Compatibility

TOS runs smoothly with all versions of Android till now. It also can run with all Android models like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Huawei, etc.

TheOneSpy Android Spy App Prices

TOS offers special discount prices on special events, like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas etc. Due to Christmas month and the New Year is also near, so TOS has special plans to make your moments more delightful. These days TheOneSpy is offering up to 90% off on its Android Plans. Let’s look at TheOneSpy Android plan and the prices of its packages after discount.

TOS offers two plans:

1- TOS XLite Edition

  • TOS monthly XLite Edition price is $15.
  • TOS quarterly XLite Edition price is $30.
  • TOS yearly XLite Edition price is $50.

2- TOS Premium Edition

  • TOS monthly Premium Edition price is $20.
  • TOS quarterly Premium Edition price is $45.
  • TOS yearly Premium Edition price is $75.

Step-by-Step TheOneSpy Installation Process

TOS has a simple and 3 minutes hassle-free installation process. Here we will discuss the steps, so you could know how you can easily adapt this technology.

Step 1: Visit the TOS official site and select suitable packages according to your kid’s Android device.

Step 2: Get the subscription of selected packages and read the TOS mail carefully.

Step 3: Follow the instructions and install TOS in the targeted device accordingly.

Step 4: After successfully installation, go to your user cloud account and activate the android app.

Step 5: Targeted device all data will be automatically delivered to the user dashboard, now you can start monitoring.


TheOneSpy provides the best solution for parents for kids monitoring. Its dynamic features empower the parents to spy on all activities of kids and get their secrets. It is popular among other software because it serves users differently by its unique services.

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