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Apple iPhone 11 Limited Edition with advanced triple camera

Apple iPhone 11 Limited Edition with advanced triple camera

Apple will probably present three new iPhone 11 (iPhone XI) models in September 2019. Specialists opine that the most exceptional change will be the much-talked about triple camera framework. Be that as it may, the Russian cell phone producer Caviar has chosen not to trust that Apple will discharge the new model formally. 

Caviar, known for their restrictive cell phones which are regularly founded on the most recent iPhone or top of the line Galaxy cell phones, just presented the Apollo 11 Concept. This time no foldable iPhone, yet a sumptuous variation of things to come Apple iPhone 11

Caviar cell phone withstands fire, water, and ice 

The new Caviar idea is the two flames, water and ice safe. The model's thought showed up because of both the 50th moon landing commemoration, hung on July 2019, just as new iPhone 11 working title comparability with Apollo 11 Spacecraft, which figured out how to arrive on the moon. 

YouTube video shows detailed design of iPhone 11R

This selective iPhone accompanies an instance of dark Kevlar, titanium and composite material. With the exception of an extravagant appearance, these materials likewise increment the telephone's stun obstruction. The gravity balance focus will limit the screen tumbling down likelihood while exceptional projections will counteract harm to the screen when it crashes and burns. 

Kevlar layer, the material used to make body protection, has turned into the principle modified case material. Kevlar gives high imperviousness to fire while having the option to withstand temperatures up to 460 degrees Celsius. 

The ice does not startle him either, the material withstands an extraordinary temperature of 200 degrees beneath zero. The layered tweaked case structure permits dispersing heat while sparing the telephone from overheating notwithstanding security from transient presentation to outrageous temperatures. 

iPhone 11 Special Edition is a genuine space explorers telephone 

Along these lines, iPhone 11 Apollo Edition constrained version telephones are planned to turn into space travelers' telephones, giving security in case of both tumbling from a stature just as from the immediate extraordinary cold and fire sway. 

Caviar trusts that humankind will visit the moon again and will keep on overcoming new planets together with the safe Apollo Edition. The Russian organization expresses that it is glad to give an example to NASA restricted arrangement or to Roscosmos for further testing. 

The present restricted release called Apollo Edition will be given in 50 duplicates, out of appreciation for 50th moon landing commemoration. Caviar offers three models, a 64GB, a 128GB and a 512GB model. Costs begin at USD 4.400 up to USD 5.110. In any case, the organization states, until further notice, it is just an idea. Consequently the expenses may increment once the iPhone 11 is discharged authoritatively by Apple.

Three new iPhone XI series smartphones CAD renderings leaked


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