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Are Dietary Supplements Killing You?

Are Dietary Supplements Killing You?

People are living in the delusion that dietary supplements are bad for health and act as a slow killer that can put one’s life at risk. Why the confusion? Well, nobody knows the answer clearly but, we are here to get some facts straight!

Let’s get the most basic question answered, what are dietary supplements?

The additional nutrients that you take in the form of drugs which can be a capsule, tonic, or a pill as a part of your diet can be called as dietary supplements. The purpose of taking supplements is to overcome the nutrient deficiencies in the body. From essential minerals and vitamins to covering up body needs, all come under the category of Dietary Supplements.

The most common fear!

People often fear that taking supplements in the form of capsules or tonics are not good for health. With markets so much in hype for producing synthetically manufactured medicines and other items that one can be unsure if the supplement they are taking is organic or not or safe for one to consume without posing any health risks. The fear is justifiable as with so much of adulteration in food, we can never know what we are consuming, and how much beneficial it is going to be for the health. From processed foods to sugar-free products; everything has become pretty much synthetic in today’s world.

Despite what is going on, there are companies that are known for their credibility for producing 100 percent safe products to consume. You can look for supplements online and look if the manufacturer provides you with a certificate along with the products. If they do, then you are purchasing a 100 percent safe to consume the product.

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As they say, “too much of everything is bad”. You must know what, how much and how to intake a supplement that you are deficient in.

One has to do thorough research in today’s world. You cannot just trust anything and start eating without knowing what it might do to your body. When it comes to dietary supplements, you must know what you are getting into.

The foremost thing to know!

Get yourself tested and know what minerals and vitamins your body is lacking in because only then you can be sure where you have to invest your money. Supplements are not cheap and if you want to stay healthy, you have to know what your body requirement is and for that getting yourself tested is the best option. Do not follow the herd by consuming regular multivitamins, calcium supplements, etc. just because your friend is doing it. Of course, you will require at some point to intake such general supplements but a planned way is going to benefit you much more, and take care of the inner health than going haywire not knowing what to do.

Get rid of the confusion: A lot of people are confused about what supplements to take while working out or dieting. Calcium, Vitamin D, folic acid (in case of pregnant women), Vitamin C, B complex are the most common multivitamins that you will need to start with in order to stay fit and healthy. But, that is not all!

The first thing to address is to know your body. Vitamin D is essential in order for you to be able to absorb calcium. If you are Vitamin D deficient then no matter how regular you are in consuming calcium tablets, you will still stay deficient and problems in bones will crop up sooner or later. We all are deficient in Vitamin D because no matter how much egg white you consume or if you stay in the sun for hours, it will not suffice the daily requirement. You will have to take the supplement nonetheless but it is good if you know the levels are normal or not and for that, getting a test for Vitamin D is necessary. You must know if your body is responding to the supplements that you are taking or else you must consult a qualified doctor to help diagnose what is going wrong.

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When you consume some dietary supplements, observe your body. Check, if there are any stomach aches or mood swings. Maybe you need to change the supplement or add something else to your diet in order for it to give optimum nutrition. From general supplements where one may not need a doctor’s guidance to fighting deficiencies, it is always advised to at least once get an opinion of a qualified nutritionist. There is no harm in being sure, is it?

Natural Dietary Supplements: Collagen Active Coffees & Green Tea X50 are so good for health! To add then to your daily diet is the best thing you can do. You get to stay active and give you body collagen that is must in order for healthy hair and nails, to fight skin problems and look younger.

There are many natural dietary supplements available that include protein shakes, bars, fat burners, tablets and medicines and what not! The wisest thing to do here would be to research the product that you get interested in. Look for the company that is manufacturing the product. Also, sometimes you may come across some ingredients in a product that you may not know what value or benefit they have on your body. It is important that you find out so that you are sure that what you are consuming is what your body needs. Consuming fish oils, amino acids, omega 3 and other such multivitamins are going to help you in staying fit while you work out.

Food plays 90 percent of the role in losing weight and staying fit and healthy. If you know how to manage your food and diet, staying healthy will be like a piece of cake.

As much as you take care of your outer body, now it is the time to think about the inner health. Get strong from inside and the glow will shine your face as a mark of good health. It will help you stay happy, your hormone levels will be in control, no tantrums because there will not be any mood swings and each day you will feel rejuvenated.

So, if you think that dietary supplements are harmful and are no good, then we advise you to do some homework and meet a qualified nutritionist. The statistics have revealed that the daily requirements for fruits and vegetables have doubled today compared to the last 15 years. This is the result of adulteration in food, and the only way to cover it up is through dietary supplements.

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