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Best Areas in Dubai to Rent Affordable Properties

Best Areas in Dubai to Rent Affordable Properties

Dubai, a city known for high rentals costs, is home to a massive expat community. While the city is famous for its luxury and glam attractions for tourists, there is also an abundance of options when it comes to finding a property for rent in Dubai. One can find a variety of configurations, from compact studios to palatial 5-bedroom penthouses in the city.

Here are a few areas in Dubai that won’t go heavy on your pocket.


Deira, which is among the oldest areas in the city, is preferred by many bachelors and families. Despite the affordability factor — the neighbourhood has an abundance of facilities, from schools to supermarkets, within its proximity. The average rental of a studio in Deira is AED28k yearly (approx.) — while an unfurnished 1-bedroom flat may cost around AED 36k per annum.

Another reason that many people opt to rent an accommodation in the district is that it’s very well connected to public transportation. One can catch a taxi or a metro after taking a few minutes walk. Residents visit nearby malls for recreation and fun. Deira City Centre is home to various well-known retail outlets.

  • Average studio rental: AED 28k annually
  • Average 1-bed flat rental: AED 50k per annum

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International City

Tucked away from the main city — International City is another popular neighbourhood that is known for offering properties at affordable price tags. A studio in international city can cost you as low as AED 18k per annum, while the minimum rental for a 1-bed is AED 24k yearly. The community is divided into several clusters such as England, Spain and many others. With a plethora of studios and 1-bedroom apartments — the neighbourhood is perfect for bachelors and small families.

Although the community had an unfavourable start with sanitation problems, the conditions have improved over time. The only thing you need to consider before moving into international city is that the neighbourhood is a little far away from the main city.

  • Average studio rental: AED 23k annually
  • Average 1-bed flat rental: AED 51k yearly
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Al Nahda (Dubai)

Located close to Dubai-Sharjah border, Al Nahda is perfect for those who like serene vibes and a tranquil environment. The rental prices for studio in Al Nahda start from AED 20,000 yearly. For 1-bed flats, the minimum rental is AED 25k annually.

Al Nahda is among the older neighbourhoods in the city. Families prefer thia area because it is well-equipped with healthcare, public transportation, education and recreation facilities. However, since the community is located close to the Sharjah city, you can expect heavy traffic during rush hours.

  • Average studio rental: AED 22k yearly
  • Average 1-bed rental: AED 53k per annum
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Dubai Production City (IMPZ)

Hosting both commercial and residential properties, Dubai Production City is a holistic community. The starting price to rent a studio and 1-bedroom apartment in IMPZ is AED 21k per annum and AED 31k annually respectively. You will mostly find apartments in the Dubai Production City that come in layouts of studios to 3-bedroom apartments.

The neighbourhood is home to City Centre Me’aisem — a shopping mall that hosts many retail outlets and entertainment venues. There are a few bus stations within the area but there is no metro station in close proximity. However, one can find reasonable hospitals and schools in nearby areas. For groceries, you can head to the Carrefour of City Centre Me’aisem.

  • Average studio rental: AED 41k yearly
  • Average 1-bed rental: AED 58k per annum

Dubai Sports City

As the name suggests, with an abundance of sporting facilities, Dubai Sports City is a haven for fitness enthusiasts. The locality is home to the majestic Dubai International Stadium — a sports venue known for hosting international cricket matches.

One can find many different apartment configurations in the area, from a small studio to a large 3-bedroom apartment. The minimum rental price of a studio is AED 23k per annum, while the rental price of 1-bedroom flats start from AED 26k yearly.

You can expect a more active environment while living in the luxuriant community. It also hosts a few supermarkets. For recreation and fun, one can visit nearby malls and restaurants that take a 10-minute-drive. Due to the lack of public transportation facilities, most people who have a car opt to live in Dubai Sports City.

  • Average studio rental: AED 49k annually
  • Average 1-bed rental: AED 67k yearly

Please note: Prices mentioned are subject to change with time and availability

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