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Can Blogging be a career option in 2019

Can Blogging be a career option in 2019

Blogging is a great field to earn a lot of money but it’s not that easy in 2019 as the blogging field is too much competitive now. If you want to start your career as a blogger then you must learn the techniques of blogging properly. If you cannot be able to do that properly then there is a great chance of failure for you as a blogger. Now a day many people try to get into blogging but majority of them face failure as they do not know the proper techniques of blogging or do not have the patience. Blogging is not a process in which you can earn a lot of money in a very short period of time unless you so event blogging.

In this post I’ll discuss about the basics of blogging:

What is blogging?

Blogging denotes creating a blog site and start writing contents on the topic you choose for blogging. Initially there are two types of blogging platforms –one is free blogging platforms like Blogger, or etc. and other is paid in which you have to buy custom domain name and buy hosting plans. I recommend you to go for paid plans as there is as good chance of success with custom domain name and reliable hosting plans.


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Now you have purchased a Domain name and hosting, what’s next?

After creating a blog the next step is to do the basic settings in Wordpress like installing plugins, settings permalinks etc. Selecting a great theme is also important. Here you can go for both paid themes as well as free themes. For beginners I recommend going for free themes. Try to choose light weight and minimal themes. Change basics of default theme settings can be enough. If you have enough budget then you can opt for paid themes as well.

Blog Setup done, what’s next now?

Once your blog is live then there will be two most important aspects to perform. The first one will be creating great content and publish in your blog. You should do keyword research properly so that your contents will rank in Google and other search engines. The next step is to built great quality links for your site so that the link profile of your site is also great. If you are able to caret good links for your site then the domain authority and page authority of your site will increase. Also you can get good traffic from them as well.


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What are the earning sources for your blog?

The main aim for any work is to achieve success and get good earnings. In blogging one of the main sources of earning is Ads. Once your blog gets good amount of traffic then you can add ads to your site and that will generate earnings for you. Another way is Affiliate marketing. You can put affiliate links in your blog and when someone purchases something through that link then you will get some commission. The other way is to sell links or accept links to other sites in your blog.


Yes, though it is a competitive industry but you can give it a try. You can create blog in various themes like home blog, tech blog, and Business blog according to your choice. Keep patience and work hard for achieving success.

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