HubFirms : Blog -Cartoon Network announces ‘We Bare Bears’ Multiplayer VR-based game

Cartoon Network announces ‘We Bare Bears’ Multiplayer VR-based game

Cartoon Network announces ‘We Bare Bears’ Multiplayer VR-based game

We Bare Bears is an American animation arrangement delivered via Cartoon Network TV channel, creator Daniel Chong. The arrangement is around three siblings bears Grizzly, Panda, and White, who are attempting to fit into society and discover companions. In view of the Daniel Chong webcomic book, The Three Bare Bears. The debut occurred on July 27, 2015. In August 2015, Cartoon Network gave authorization for the creation of season 2 of the We Bare Bears arrangement. 

About the Show: 

The three siblings bears live in San Francisco Bay, unadroitly and frantically attempting to coordinate into human culture. Regardless of what troubles they face, they generally depend on one another and know the significance of the family like nobody else. 

Grise, Panda, and White proceed with their experiences in Pattaya, Thailand at the Cartoon Network Amazone water park, where they appear to appreciate a charming remain with you! Meet them in the Multiannual Zone with your companions or rests on the rides of Turbulent Streams on a loosening up voyage through the astonishing Teddy Bear Park. 

At the point when Cartoon Network referenced that the We Bare Bears experience would occur inside a nourishment truck, we realized our stage would be an ideal decision for the substance and when the sustenance truck takes off on the experience, our haptic floor reacts to the driving, thundering and drums up some excitement of development. This develops the degree of submersion and persuades them they're truly being driven around in a nourishment truck – Devi Kolli, CEO and Co-Founder of AiSolve 

The area is created in organization with area based pros WePlayVR, and the free-wander skill happens at interims. A WePlayVR independent field in 3×3 sqm exteroception ground surface set that reacts to developments of VR experience, allowing clients to really feel the show.

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