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Coronavirus: 5 Steps to Keep the Pandemic at Bay

Coronavirus: 5 Steps to Keep the Pandemic at Bay

The Covid-19 has fanned out over the globe quickly. The effect of the pandemic is with the end goal that we have been in a lockdown to battle it. With no fix treatment or antibody accessible, it becomes curial for every single one of us to be capable and care for our security. 

While you may be protected and still not contaminated with the infection, how about we ensure this proceeds. World Health Organization and FIFA, the global overseeing collection of football have collaborated to battle COVID-19. They have propelled another mindfulness battle drove by widely acclaimed footballers, who are connecting with everybody to follow five key strides to stop the spread of the malady. 

Follow these five stages and kick out coronavirus


Wash your hands for 20-seconds on ordinary premise with cleanser and water. Water and cleanser are ought to be given inclination over sanitizer. 

In any case, when both are not accessible, settle on a liquor based arrangement. Following this is fundamental as it murders infections that may be on your hands. 

"It would be ideal if you wash your hands much of the time with cleanser and water or a liquor based arrangement," says Alisson Becker, WHO Goodwill envoy for wellbeing advancement, Liverpool FC and Brazil goalkeeper, and The Best FIFA Men's Goalkeeper, 2019. 


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Want to hack or sniffle? Connect for a tissue or napkin. In the event that that isn't accessible hack or wheeze inside your elbow to get the bead of germs far from the encompassing. 

Since it is an airborne illness, beads handily spread the coronavirus. By following these cleanliness steps, you not exclusively will protect yourself yet additionally others. 

"Spread your nose and mouth with a twisted elbow or tissue when you wheeze or hack. Discard tissue promptly and wash your hands," says Carli Lloyd double cross FIFA Women's World Cup champ from the United States. 


We as a whole tend to contact our face, mouth, nose, eyes, each much of the time. Right now, this is the most hazardous activity. Disapprove of contacting any piece of the body over your neck. 

Our hands contact an excessive number of things all the while and that makes it effectively available to get in contact with the infections. When your hand gets infection it can get handily transmitted to different pieces of your body. So ensure you follow both stage one and stage three strictly. 

"Abstain from contacting your face, especially your eyes, nose or mouth to keep the infection from entering your body," includes FC Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi, The Best FIFA Men's Player in 2019, and a different FIFA Ballon d'Or victor. 


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Better believe it, keeping up a separation is an errand. However, it's vital and significant at this stage. At whatever point associating with anybody make a stride back. 

No handshakes, embraces. Keep up a separation of in any event one meter to maintain a strategic distance from any breathing contact. 

"As far as social connection, make a stride back. Remain at any rate one meter good ways from others," says Han Duan, who spoke to China PR multiple times in a worldwide vocation that spread over 11 years. 

Feel-Know Your Symptoms: 

Comprehend your indications. On the off chance that you experience like a fever, hack, cold, make a call. Each state and city in India has a helpline number. Interface with them and they will promptly support you. Look for clinical assistance. 

Stay refreshed with all the official clinical and human services site on what they are proposing. Continue refreshing the nearby specialists about the status in your general vicinity so they know how and when to act. This will help them in fighting the infection and protecting everybody. 

"On the off chance that you feel unwell, remain at home. It would be ideal if you adhere to all the directions gave by your neighborhood wellbeing specialists," finishes up Samuel Eto'o, previous FC Barcelona and Cameroon striker, who spoke to his nation multiple times.

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