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Custom or Template: What Is Best for Developing a Responsive Website?

Custom or Template: What Is Best for Developing a Responsive Website?

With the stratospheric boom in smartphone devices and laptops, it has become imperative that your business website should be responsive. No matter what device and screen size the user is using, it should be unified and easy to navigate. This is the reason responsive websites are popular nowadays. The custom-built responsive website automatically reformats in a distinct manner which gives the viewer a better experience while staying in line with the Google recommendations. These websites are dominating from nearly two decades, and this is eventually transforming the way businesses build their online presence. 

Responsive websites are developed either via custom development solutions or predefined templates. Here is the further explanation of how both are different:

Custom Responsive Website

The three major principles behind the responsive web design:

Fluid grids: They are basically the grid systems that are scaled based on the user’s screen. In the fluid grids, it is imperative that all elements have similar spacing, proportion, and have the ability to adjust the specified screen width.

Media Queries: As browsers keep giving new challenges, media queries are required. It gives emphasizes the flexibility of the layout. Media queries ensure CSS is applied depending on the device’s breakpoint. 

Flexible images: The major challenge lies in resizing images because of the loading time on smaller devices. There are various approaches followed to resize image proportionately. Flexible images are adjusted within the width as per the CSS sheet content hierarchy. 

Now the images achieve the ability to scale, crop, or vanish as per the handheld device experience. 

Here are the benefits of responsive website development:

Cost friendly

The development of a responsive website is competitively faster than multiple device website development processes. Because there are no predefined templates, changes are made wherever required. Moreover, the single interface is easily optimized. Therefore, you save a lot of the development cost. 

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Less maintenance requirement

When there are multiple websites available, it becomes challenging to maintain them. Plus, there is testing and support, which has to be taken care of. 

Responsive web design has standardized testing methods which ensure everything on the screen is clearly visible. The mobile and web, both the responsive solutions are easy to maintain within a few taps. This one size fits all solution helps businesses to focus more on their core objectives. 

Quick-loading webpages

Mobile users keep scrolling the internet quickly. Caching and responsive image display helps in enhancing the webpage loading speed for a responsive website. 

Addition benefits you must consider:

  • Lower bounce rates
  • High conversion rate
  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Easier analytics report
  • Improves offline browsing experience

Responsive Web Templates 

Web templates are designed with fixed width and image sizes. With the help of a template, web pages can be designed to respond or flex as the width of the browser keeps narrowing. Therefore, the web pages fit well regardless of the size of the screen. 

These types of HTML web pages can be adapted to different devices having varied screen sizes. Rather than developing a website at 320 pixels, Media Queries are incorporated in the design so that the layout is changed for the optimal viewing experience. 

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Pros of Responsive Website Template

Building a template responsive website using this style code has a long list of benefits:

  • Firstly, a responsive site flexing for individual display screens looks great and functions better across different screens.
  • Secondly, the font and image size is cross-device viewable. 
  • And finally, the links and buttons are quickly clickable. 


  • Website layout changes according to the display resolution
  • Images are stretched to fill the browser window
  • Detects multiple screen resolutions
  • Plain text CSS helps in easy tweaking
  • Builds a website that adapts to various devices
  • Only one set of webpages is required for all computer types
  • Alters the fonts, widths, height or hides elements on small screens
  • Has the ability to create a responsive video that changes size as screen narrows

Which is better, and why?

Undoubtedly, custom responsive website wins the race, and here are the reasons: 

Adaptable to upgradations: Custom website is easy to update as per trends as there are no predefined templates. This is because the website is designed to resize or adjust based on the user behavior and viewing environment (device type, screen size, resolution & orientation). 

Uniqueness: There is no fixed theme of a custom website. The web design and development companies create a website as per your requirement. If there is one thing that will separate your business website from other sites, it’s the uniqueness factor as it is built around customer voyage. 

Improved user experience

The major factor that determines the quality of user experience is the time spent on the website. If it takes more loading time, they will leave. Custom responsive design website doesn’t scale, and there are no issues accessing menus, links, buttons, etc. As a result of this, the user experience is better, and they spend more time.

As the world of web browsers and electronic devices improved, user expectations have also changed. They expect a seamless experience of browsing in portrait or landscape view regardless of the device used. So, to set yourself apart from the competition, adopt a custom responsive website that displays your work and accomplishments to the customer. 

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