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Digital Transformation in Retail Banking: Your Fintech Strategy

Digital Transformation in Retail Banking: Your Fintech Strategy

What is Fintech app development?
As you can read about fintech application development and how it has been presented an incentive. As
most of organizations in financial domains is approved application to continue further in the economical
market. Various best ideas introduced by fintech app development companies, who are helping the
present financial organizations and bigger financial corporations that are less into technology.
Though, bigger financial organizations are showing huge interest in making the best fintech app to
improve their offerings. Banco Santander, American Bank, Citibank, UBS AG, etc are some examples of
big players who have invested hugely with fintech app development companies in best fintech app
development and maintenance. If you look carefully the report which is published by Capgemini in 2018
about the top Fintech companies clearly declaring that ninety percent of the fintech organizations are
working to recover their consumer involvement. And seventy six mentioned that they must invest in
fintech mobile application development to grow up and develop economically-viable business models.
The report proved that Fintechs have higher about US$110 billion since 2009.
Though, the organizations may flop if they don’t develop an actual corporation between disturbing top
fintech startups and financial organizations. Fintech app development trends as it is a multi-billion dollar
industry and it is still controlled by a number of fintech startups. But partnership is necessary to improve
consumer involvement.
Reasons Behind Upsurge In Fintech Across The World
Vital reason for improvement is a continued motivation that prompts the gain or the growth. For fintech
domain, the growth of fintech startups, pressure on creating best fintech apps for any type of financial
business also has some concrete reasons behind.
1). The users who are using mobile banking for activities faces very little pain as compared to the users
who are using old ways for banking activities.
2). When you are going to apply for loan or credit cards you need to do lots of paperwork and have to
suffer from long process. And slower processing and paperwork is frustrating for customers.
3). Internet has highly impacted on financial sectors as it already advanced the different industries. So
customers are expecting stop using old ways for their financial work.
4). Fintech provides services at lower cost and offers clear and transparent services.

Advantages of the Building a Finance App


Fintech mobile app development has increase the level of the financial market for people and then
proposing them to access the services earlier occupied by person of financial background. As for
venture, with technology and data it is rational and modest to bring the venture suggestions to the

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be beneficial for business?

Fintech apps organizations present with more private access and business investment. When it comes to fintech app development, you can see that there are lots of fintech app development companies which are innovative and offer you the excellent support. 

Which Businesses Are Seeing for Fintech app Development?

Fintech app development has entered into the market, mostly bank and we have understood that it is acting as a disintermediation aspect. A number of other financial sectors like equity or trading, lending is also ready to invest largely with fintech app development companies. 

As more investors step into fintech, they will try more conventional with time. Their market share is near to increase and number of them have soon become names like or NerdWallet etc. Below are the some services that are interested to develop Fintech application to support financial operations: 

  1. Money Transfer: Fintech app development is mutual in this domain. Corporations such as TransferWise, Western Union, TransferGo have moved ahead to provide peer-to-peer money transfers based on the mid-market value.

  2. Equity: Fintech app development has started to become a shared term. Equity crowd funding was the solution for the startups problems, mostly at the time of the worldwide financial crisis. The leading crowd funding platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Seedrs, etc. They are truly modifying the globe of impartiality through mobile app development.

  3. E-wallets and mobile payments:The fintech app development saw quick improvement and greatful to all online applications from Amazon, Uber, ola etc. Offering people to conduct fund transfer over the mobile have taken a march on banks. For examples PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. 

  4. Personal Finance:Forming a finance app or apps like Mint is very famous now a days. They are offering both web and mobile services to help customers handle their financial activities. The software delivers data visualization, spending trends, categorization, etc. A fintech app startups are helping the micro saving organizations and earning loyal customers by rewarding the same

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V. Online Banking: Banking is one of the sectors in the finance industry immensely affected by the growth of mobile apps. Catering to millennials to conduct day-to-day banking responsibilities through mobile, collect rewards and get a low-cost substitute to a traditional bank.

Some widely used technologies for Fintech App Development:

Regtech : Regulation Technology is one of the certain domains and a number of fintech app ideas turned around Fintech apps organizations. With the use of Big data, computing and machine learning Regtech have seen future improvement in:

  1. Risk data collection 

  2. Monitoring payment transactions 

  3. Identification of clients 

  4. Legal persons 

  5. Trading in financial markets 

Blockchain Technology : According to Global Blockchain Technology Market study, blockchain will designate a strange growth with CAGR 55.59 between 2017 to 2021. The blockchain is a reorganized ledger that delivers immutability of data and enables error tolerance system.

Fintech Apps May Not be the Right Choice?

Many of the services are comfortable to acknowledge like borrowing money or assembly a purchase. . If you want a term life insurance, it needs a simple transaction. Though, if you want a critical insurance product, apps are not able to help. Financial software development is not able to help to effortlessness the life of consumers in serious procedures. 


 The fintech industry has got a sudden expansion due to the millennials. Their large part of lives demands better experience and technology in everything they do. This influence made the financial sector rise across the world. As a result there is big modifications and profited personnel of all age groups and economic rank. 

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