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Does my business need its own mobile app?

Does my business need its own mobile app?

If your business owns a website, then you can change the layout for the mobile screen and everything could be easily visible by user. Hence you may think that don't need a mobile application. There are several reasons why should you have a mobile application.

  • It would be visible to all customers.

    • Various statistics have shown that Americans spend around 2 hours a day on their mobile phones. Well only a handful of applications are able to make bulk usage. People do scroll and look for useful apps to make their lives easier. 

  • It would help to create a direct channel for marketing.

    • Various mobile apps have different features like they can provide information about news feeds, messengers, user accounts, search features, booking forms, prices and info. You can create a marketing channel with useful mobile application development services. 

  • It would provide value to all the customers.

    • If we talk about general information what about a loyalty program. You can think of unique ways to provide some value to customers with mobile app development for your business. 

  • It would help to build recognition and brand.

    • A mobile application would help to contribute in brand awareness. With this, you will be able to build brand recognition of your business. 

  • You will stand out of competition.

    • A mobile application would make you stand out of competition at various business levels. Experienced mobile app development company can help you stay ahead in the race and make your business grow. 


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Where can I find a good mobile app developer?

Various enterprises and several mobile application users need out of the box and various innovative applications that provides a modern UX/UX. Also it needs applications having lots of unique features and uses various advanced technologies such as geo location recognition, video, real time notifications and various more. 

Well, there are many web app developers, mobile developers. SoluLabs is known for its originality and innovation. It has increased capabilities and huge client base. Also it masters in creation of streak of great value and quality work since long. It is capable of understanding competitors and adhere to understanding of various clients goals and vision. Also it implements various strategies, efforts, quality control efforts and much more. It will help you with the best mobile developers to build app that make your business go well. It also provides various customized solutions that will foster various development of several business needs. 

What are the top mobile app development trends in 2020?

Several people use smartphones from all different corners. According to a survey done by Statista, there are more than 64% conversion rates when compared with website and there are 80% of internet users who own smartphones. It has made communication much easier by providing various mobile applications. Here are some major steps to follow when you need a mobile application.

  • You need to choose right framework.

    • It is very important to choose the right framework for your business. Various users do prefer fast loading applications. It is recommended for users to develop applications in React Native framework.

  • You need to define company's overall strategy.

    • It is important for you to define a goal of company and measure success using the right mobile application. It will solve the primary objective of mobile application requirement. Also it will help to increase sales revenue for your business. 

  • You need to secure data.

    • It is very important to make applications that are really secure to use. Once your mobile application is ready, it should have all security features. Also if any payment gateway is needed, it should be safe to use.

  • You application should have good development platforms.

    • Various devices of different types are available such as iphone and many more. Well your application should not have any compatibility issue. 

  • You need to estimate all resources for application.


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How much does it cost to make an iOS or Android app?

According to general estimates, it does require $30k for simple applications. Like if you are a startup , you must be concerned about the cost for application. So it is really important to have a budget for your application. Well, there are several factors which affect the cost of an iOS and Android application.

Some of the factors are.

  • Various outcomes and changes.

  • Several solutions which do need proper research.

  • Also there should be proper prototype of application.

  • Various designs of animations.

It also depends on how big is your project and how much programming does it need. Every company would charge differently based on your application. It is important to get an estimate for your application. And it could be only done when company like SoluLab understands the project and identifies how many developers are needed for the project. Based on all these factors, you would be able to get the exact cost for mobile application development.

Why choose React native for mobile app development?

React Native is an open source framework which is the best for mobile application development. Also it was launched by Facebook. Various entrepreneurs do have a soft side for using a react native as it helps them build feature-rich apps. Well already various companies are using react native for mobile applications development. Also it  helps to develop a hybrid mobile applications.


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Well some of the reasons are.

It does work in really tight budget constraints. 

So if you are starting a business, money would be a really significant factor. If you have a tight budget, you can choose React Native for app development. Various startups would like to achieve a fast returns in the technology market. It saves time as well as money.

It is a cross platform used for mobile application development.

It allows various people to use same code which does develop both IOS and Android applications.

With a single platform, you may get various suppleness and outcomes. Based on various ideas, react native mobile applications would allow people to perform various tasks using simple codes.

A goal would be used to access native API and stick on UI.

How to convert a website into a mobile application.

You can make use of MVP strategy which would figure out various things, like how to get users, build products, valid market-fit/ product. Also there could be jump start in the iteration process. 

Well you can make progressive web applications.

 It is a new technology which is developed by Google. It enables various mobile devices to add various web applications or websites to home screen in smartphones. Also it could be interacted offline. You may use regular web applications into progressive web application by adding into homescreen. 

Progressive web apps


  • It allows to push notifications.
  • All underlying websites do get better ranking on all search engines.


  • It is a kind of browser wrapper.
  • Users don't get experience of native application.


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 Apache cordova.

It is another framework which enables developers to develop various mobile applications which make use of JS,CSS, HTML.


  • Events
  • Sharing using social media.
  • It has ability to search and research various objects.


  • It has got no go UX when compared tonative apps.
  • It is more complex application.
  • It does not work offline.

Animations are really difficult to implement in user interface.

React Native application development.

React is a great choice which would help to build web applications. It is a kind of latest technology used in world of auris hybrid applications. 


  • It is really fast to develop applications.
  • Web applications could be built with react.js. It could be easily converted to react native application.
  • It has got native user experience.


  • It is relatively new technology.
  • It has got limited visual design.
  • It is not suitable for complex projects.

What is MVP (minimum viable product ) in the mobile app?

It is like building applications after taking feedback from users. It was introduced in the market in order to make developers learn about users’ needs and what they need. It came into knowledge to develop a product that serves users better. Also it would allow users to have several more features to solve a fundamental problem which was based on feedback and developers' assumptions. A purpose of MVP is to offer a platform where an application developer could finalize assumptions and improve based on consumer’s feedback. It would give maximum value at various low rates. An advantage of MVP is to understand if you are on the right track or not. 

How should you develop a MVP framework?

  • You should know about the various business needs of most users. It is very important to find the gap between the market and how would you fill that gap in the market with your product using different technologies.

  • You need to look for opportunities in the market. You need to identify gaps and look for various problems that you would like to solve. 

  • You need to choose a few unique features that would work well. It is very important to decide about feature which you would like to include in MVP.

Why MVP is important??

  • It minimizes the costs.

  • It allows developers to test their products. And various assumptions.

  • It also attracts various investors.

No matter what your requirements may be, make sure that you come up with unique ideas for building your mobile app. Do some research about the latest market trends and create the best app for your business. 

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