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GreenOpia Inc. Announces Corporate Name Change To WeCrazies

GreenOpia Inc. Announces Corporate Name Change To WeCrazies

GreenOpia Inc - a digital marketing firm based in Vadodara, Gujarat - announced today that it is changing its corporate identity name to WeCrazies. The name change mirrors the agency's more extensive and on-trend marketing approach in the digital age targeted not only to millennials but also to a new group of consumers, Gen Z.

“While the name Greenopia is affectionately installed into our business and surely understood amongst the brands, we trust the time has come to advance to the next phase of this digital age where being a crazy head, a crazy marketer, a crazy designer and a crazy campaigner is a must. With Facebook changing its analytics round the clock and Instagram updating its user experience 24/7, we are set to expand our clientele with more personalized services” says Nilkanth Ray, the Founder of WeCrazies.

The new name – WeCrazies – allows them to underline and extend their services around changing the way online marketing is delivered between brands and their targeted group with – search engine optimization(SEO), social media marketing(SMM), content marketing, email marketing, website development and application development.

Mr. Nilkanth said, “Social media marketing has changed its landscape especially in India where it’s not just about brand presence, but also about conversions in terms of sales whether they are through campaigns, influencers or the age-old online banner ads”

“Moving forward, our focus would be to maintain the competitive edge we have gained these past years and to streamline our digital marketing services across UK with our new place of business in Leicester, United Kingdom”

When it comes to building a brand name for clients, WeCrazies focuses on being RELEVANT. Striking a balance between web designing, mobile apps, content creation & distribution, SEO, search rankings and social media presence, WeCrazies has positioned brands from all over the world in their respective markets successfully, whether it was increasing the digital presence of Symphony Limited or building a fan base for Gujarati movie, Back Benchers.

Would you like to see Wecrazies in action? Drop them a line at and they'll set up a demo for you!

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