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Here’re the Top Factors to Consider Before Hiring an iOS App Developer

Here’re the Top Factors to Consider Before Hiring an iOS App Developer

When we think of mobile app development, the first thing that hit our head is the most popular two platforms i.e. Android or iOS. With around 28 lakhs apps in the Play Store, Android leads the market whereas iOS sits at 2nd position with around 22 lakhs apps in the App Store which are available for download.

As we all are aware of the fact that there is no standardization design for any apps developed in the Android platform as it the open-source one. This platform gives flexibility to the developers to build and launch apps on Play Store quickly. This isn’t possible in case of iOS platform as Apple has some strict guidelines to follow for iOS developers when it comes to developing an iOS application. A single mistake can get your app thrown out of the App Store.

You needn’t worry when you can hire iOS developers. Now, you might wonder how can I choose the best iOS developers? Quantumsoftech is an iOS app development company with personnel expertise in delivering these services.

Go through each line you’ll get to know everything right from identifying the requirements of iOS developers for your business their skills, role & responsibilities, salary, and much more.

Hire iOS developer after knowing your needs

Before deciding which developer to hire, you need to be crystal clear about your project. It lets you make a decision and defines your expectations from the developer.

Define Your App Idea

Just jolt down your app idea in a notebook with some short description. With a focused mindset, you can nurture the idea at an extensive level rather than getting lost in a variety of thoughts.

Explain Features & Functionalities You Need

Simply prepare a list of features and functions you need to get integrated into your application. For that, you can check out some similar apps and can get some ideas for your own app. It is very necessary as this gives iOS developers idea about what they are going to deal with. 

Set Up Your Goal

Get yourself clear about your desired goal and plan accordingly which will help in long and short term respectively. Analysing your goals will help you in scaling your mobile app and define the route for iOS mobile app development. 

Technical Skills of iOS Developers

iOS platform is evolving on an everyday basis as new technology and trends are getting over the application development sector. Keeping these things in mind every iOS developers should keep themselves updated with recent developing trends as far as possible. They should update their knowledge base by adopting different technologies and new learning skills. 

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Every project comes up with different needs and challenges which are addressed by the use of certain iOS technologies. But, some basic benchmark of skills should be there in every iOS developer's skillset which is given and are expected from almost every developer working on the iOS platform. These skills define the expertise of an iOS developer.

  • Have launched apps in the App Store

  • Have good knowledge of Apple Human Interface

  • Extensive understanding of Apple’s UI/UX design guidelines

  • Deep familiarity with Objective C, Swift and Cocoa Touch programming languages

  • Has abundant knowledge of OpenGL and Metal

  • Has a good experience of working of iOS frameworks such as Core Animation, Core Data, Core Text, and Core Graphics

Consider These Factors Before Hiring an iOS Developers


When it comes to seeing the experience of a developer, we mostly confuse it with expertise. There is a vast difference between expertise and experience. Coding capabilities of a developer can’t be taken as an experience itself. 

If you’re to consider the experience you must go through the projects a developer has worked upon and has successfully delivered and in what time frame. You need to know, how challenges have been addressed by them if they are put out of their comfort zone. If you only focus on his/her coding skills, you’ll end up selecting the wrong person. 

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Expertise all about how the iOS developers deal with the different types of apps and projects. Every industry and business-specific requirements or challenges to deal with. iOS developers must understand and the pain points of the client’s business and have insights on how to resolve it. To learn about the developers’ expertise, you can check out their portfolio. It speaks about their excellence in managing the projects.


The most vital prospect you need to consider before hiring any iOS app development company/developer is their portfolio. Go through the portfolio of their mobile app development company or a freelancer who provides iOS app development services. You should get clarity about their technical expertise, industry exposure and years of experience in the iOS development field.


Communication is the most vital factor when it comes to hiring an iPhone app developer from a different country. There’re several issues that might be a barrier to the development phase such as language barrier, time zone differences and much more. 

Always make sure that they are familiar with your language which will ensure the smooth functioning of development work and are ready to adjust their time zone according to your changing project needs. 

Quantumsoftech in every iOS Application Development needs

Quantumsoftech is a pioneer iOS app development company that has access to the latest technology and expertise in delivering iOS app development services. We are geared up with the latest technology which allows us to emulate our knowledge get mixed with your idea into a power-packed iOS application. 

Our expertise meets the expectations of our client’s vision with precision and efficiency making us the best technology partner choice for them. We are by far the best iOS app development service provider across the globe.

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