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How Artificial Intelligence will Impact the Future of a Working Human?

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact the Future of a Working Human?

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

The most impactful effect is predicted to be through Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is going to surround you as shown in movies like I, Robot starring Will Smith or Chappie; that were screened years back (probably not at those extremes, but definitely in powerful ways).

When it comes to work, there is going to be massive disruption in company structures. Those who are not embracing technology will face considerable consequences. These consequences may lead to lower income and personal depression if they are not already investing in upgrading their technological quotient. Fortunately, many corporates are aware of this, and are themselves putting in an effort to do so. But if your company hasn’t made that decision yet, either you do it yourself or be ready for a not so welcoming surprise.

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Humans are their own problems

Next, a person’s work-life balance is already out of order, thus as a new age employee you will have to be way more cautious about making time for your personal life. Ironically, I mention this as a crucial point in your work success. This is because time for personal reflection in silence (without any distractions) is essential to reboot and come back to work fresh and ready to produce.

Unfortunately, humans suffer a natural attention syndrome. They find it hard to just sit still in silence; thus burdening themselves with unnecessary news, information and distraction. These result in further feeling burnt and mentally exhausted which then impacts the quality of work and our satisfaction levels in all verticals of life.

AI is the answer to your miseries

Not all is bad news though. If you are willing to embrace and welcome artificial intelligence, life will be much easier and successful much faster. Technology has made it possible to have things available on our finger tips and to reach massive number of people at a press of a button.

With high speed internet connections, cheap smart phones, applications for all kinds of need and the ease of information available; reaching your financial goals and retiring under 50 are a stronger possibility. That is how we often hear a person in their 30’s becoming millionaires. But just don’t try to use anything and everything.

Your ability as a human to have phone hours, appropriate application usage based on your industry, preference and lifestyle are key in this technological age. If you can do this, life will a blessing. If you don’t, be ready for more annoyances and dis-eases because artificial intelligence is here to stay.

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