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How to calculate the area of a farm field using Geo Measure Area Calculator

How to calculate the area of a farm field using Geo Measure Area Calculator

How Do I Calculate The Area Of A Farm Field?

You can use the Geo Measure Area Calculator to calculate the area of any field on your farm, and you don’t need your own topo map to do this. Geo Measure Area Calculator will automatically calculate the area of any object you draw on the map or mark it with your GPS. Let’s start by drawing on the map...  

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Calculating The Area By Drawing On The Map:

If you want to calculate the area of your farm then The first step is to find the area of your farm on the map. Here in the Geo Measure Area Calculator, you can see the plus button in the bottom right clear here you can see the three options are available. Distance, Area, and POI choose Area from this. Now you have to choose your measurement mode (Manual Measurement, GPS Measurement, FreeHand Measurement) select manual measurement and draw the area of your farm with the use of a marker. When your area is done then Geo Measure Area Calculator shows the area of your farm field automatically. If you want your area measurement in another way then tap on your result and choose your preferred measurement type. That’s it the calculation of your farm is done.       

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Calculating the area from a recorded GPS tracking:

Another way you could trace the boundaries of your field would be to take your GPS out and walk or drive the edge of the field, recording a GPS track. Back to the application and see received from GPS, and Geo Measure will bring in the track outlining your field. 

Here in the GPS measurement, the app will give you the options to start recording on. At the top of the MAP, once you click on the start recording your current position, now you simply need to move around at your location of which you want to calculate area or distance. You have to click on stop recording once you complete your measurement. Hence the application is recording your location based on your GPS position and you don’t need to specify location manually, that is the only reason we called this feature as GPS measurement. Here are some of the simple steps that you can measure the area with GPS facilities. Follow the direction and start with the close track.      


If you want to place longitude and latitude detail then on the MAP tap on anywhere in and App will give you the right longitude and latitude of the place. That can also convert that longitude and latitude data in degree. So in a Geo measure, you can do many things.


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There are some of the features of Geo Measure Area Calculator:

  • Add marker on the MAP where you want to measure
  • Delete markers that are placed by mistake.
  • Drag and drop a marker to place at a perfect place. 
  • Instant measurement/instant calculation
  • Save again any calculate area so don’t need to do the same job again.
  • load/delete that already measured/calculated area
  • You can select a different type of MAP view.
  • Share your measurement with your friends
  • You can calculate the area and distance both
  • You can save the calculated distances list
  • You can save the calculated area list
  • Here is the best facility to export your KML file. 
  • Import any of the KML files from SD card
  • Open any of your KML file using “Geo Measure Area Calculator” 
  • FREE forever, No hidden charges.
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