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How to Carry Out Toilet Plumbing by Yourself

How to Carry Out Toilet Plumbing by Yourself

Learning some tricks on remodeling your bathroom can be a good idea to save a lot of money. These tricks are relatively easy to perform and anyone can do this without calling a plumber. Follow these steps for toilet plumbing and do the job easily without spending huge bucks on a plumber.

Starting up with the installation

The first thing you need to consider is the placement of the bathroom fixtures. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to note.

Before you start with the plumbing work, make sure you have switched off all the water supply. You don’t want to get wet and fix your plumbing nuts at the same time. Prefer to turn off the bathroom water lines.

?        Mark the area of the bathroom where you need to have the bathtub or shower, sink and toilet. This will give you an idea about the plumbing lines.

?        Then, cut holes in the floor. This will enable the pipes to flow to the fixtures. Take your time and do these tasks. Correct and accurate measure is really important.

?        Locate the holes carefully and drill them.

Installing water lines 

?        A standard bathroom contains 5 water lines- a hot and cold lines for the bathtub and sink and cold water line for the toilet. You need to run all the five.

?        As per the location of your bathroom, run the water through the wall or you can also run it from the floor.

?        The next step is to attach the flexible lines from the hot and cold water to the sink and bathtub faucets.

?        Use a sandpaper to clean the copper pipes so that they become smooth and then  solder the lines to the main water line.

When you think that certain tasks are too difficult to perform or you have no clue on some parts, don’t hesitate to contact our bathroom plumbers in London as it’s okay to give some task to the experienced people.

Connecting the drain lines 

Bathroom is a place where you need multiple drain lines with varied sizes. For the toilet, the drain line should be between 3 inch to 4 inch. Once the attachment is done with the toilet drain, the pipe must slope downwards where the main drain line is. The size of the sink drain line is 1.5 inches and that of bathtub is 2 inch (5.08 cm).

The next step is to set the toilet in place 

For the toilet, you need to get the two pieces, a tank and a bowl. Start your toilet installation by installing the bowl.

?        Glue the closet flange into place. You need to connect the closet flange from the waste pipe. Place the closet flange in a way that the slots will line up with the toilet's bolt holes.

?        Now place the bowl over the bolts as well as on the flange. If you can’t get an idea about the position, you can sit on the toilet to get it correctly.

?        You need to check if the bowl is set on the level. Once you have confirmed the position, you will then need to tighten the nuts and washers of the closet bolts.

?        At last, connect the water line and seal it with caulk around the  base of the bowl. This will give an extra tight security.

Installing the sink 

You need to test the fittings by positioning it the way you want.

?        Do the markings where you think the floor bolts would be and then drill a hole through the sink stand. After that, fasten the sink to floor  using a nut and bolt.

?        You will then need to connect the sink to the hot and cold water lines. By this time, you can also connect the stopper, handles and drain.

?        Once you have the sink set in its place, glue an adapter with threads to the drain pipe.

If you ever need help for the toilet installation, you can always rely on the efficient working of  emergency plumbers at 4D Heating and Plumbing.

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