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How to create a dating application?

How to create a dating application?

The concept of dating is not at all new. People have been known to date others since the starting of time. Of course, as time progressed, the methods used by the people to approach their potential partners have changed. But the basic idea behind the dating thing remains the same. It means that two people spend time together and get to know each other in order to make the relationship a long term one. With the digital changes being made to the world, people have found another way of dating that is online. In recent years the dating industry has seen exponential growth and expansion. In case you wish to design your own dating application, there are App Development Companies Toronto, who can surely help you out.

Basic requirements for creating a dating application

You need to understand that creating any of the dating applications is not at all easy, but still, it can be done if you get the steps right. All you have to do is to come up with the proper plan and leave the development part for the professionals. We have mentioned a few things that you must be clear about before you launch the application in the market. These points will also help you to focus on the specific features during the development of the application.

You need to understand the expectations of your potential users

It is the first thing that you need to take care of while building the dating application for your users. Not just in this case, knowing the expectations of your users is extremely important for the growth of any business. If you want your dating application to be successful and to be loved by the users, you need to make sure to provide your customers with everything that they expect from the application.

It is a reality that relationships are hard. Not because of the complexity that it has, but it depends and varies from person to person, couple to couple. If you just form a general opinion about how the users are going to behave online, it will just end up having a negative impact on your business. All the users will be expecting different things from the application when they start using it. That is why you need to make sure to provide them with what they expect. The App Development Companies Toronto can really help you build the kind of applications that your users require.

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Take a decision on the features, technology, and APIs

You need to make a decision about what features will go in the application and what elements you need to add. Some of the necessary features that a dating application should have are mentioned down below.

  • It must have an excellent user interface
  • The application should offer push notification option
  • The applicants must be able to chat or message each other on the dating application
  • The application must be able to make suitable couple matches
  • There must be options available for people to make choices from
  • The application must be location-based and must be social media authorized

These features are going to make your application good and will help the customers to make the suitable decisions that they wish to according to their choices.

You need to also come upon the decision of which technology to use in the development of the application. There are various technology options available that you can decide to build the application in. You can even take help from the App Development Companies Toronto in order to come up with a decision. They are surely going to help you with all the details. The technology you use should also be able to store the data of all the users and should not crash down if the traffic on the website increases.

Also, figure out if the application will require any kind of third party integration with the APIs to enable some of the basic functionalities. There is a huge number of API options available for you to choose from. You can select whichever option you wish to depend on your application and the platform you are working with.

Creating a login module with database connectivity

This is one of the most vital steps for the development of the dating application. Registering any new user provides them with the authorization to use the application, whereas the login module provides the existing user to authenticate them and start using the amazing features of the application. One of the major problems that people face when using dating applications is the fake profile. This not only causes inconvenience to the users but also reduces the credibility of the application. It affects the users, and they end up refraining from using your dating application ever again.

In order to avoid the fake application, you can use the following methods for authorization and authentication.

Social Registration

You can ask the users to register from any of their social media accounts. This way, you can easily get them identified. Well, we know that making a fake social media account will only take a few minutes, but you can put a threshold on the profile information, number of users, etc. This can help you make sure that the account is valid, and then there is no fake profile using it. Another option that you can use for the users to register is to ask them to log in through their email ids. The application can directly send a confirmation email to their account in order to check that the account is a genuine one.

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Database Connection

You can create a database and connect and the user’s profile along with their social media account. You can provide the users with more coupons and benefits as they add their personal information with the dating account. All the data that the dating application will require will be available from their social media accounts without any problem. The data can easily be inflated with time according to the requirement. You can also use the location services in order to provide an idea about the legitimacy of the application. In this manner, you can easily make the information flow through the database and can easily create a stronger profile for the users. The database will allow to store useful information and to provide the users with access to the information whenever wanted.

Create the matching algorithms

The most important and common thing found on the dating application is the matchmaking module. It allows the user to be matched with tithe person who has a lot in common with them. The collaborative filtering option divides different people into different groups based on their preferences and interests. There is so much data available on these applications, and it has to be arranged in some way for easy access. Most of the dating applications use this method and divide the data into multiple segments based on various things. The segmentation of people in similar groups also helps in creating emotional connections.

Using the algorithms, there are certain entries made under the user's name like the number of profiles the users have seen, or how many have they responded to and many such things. You can easily ask the App Development Companies Toronto to add this feature in your application to make it fruitful and able to attract the customers. All of these logs are going to help the application in understanding user behavior resulting in providing better services to them. It also stores the number of failed and successful matches in order to provide future suggestions. The application can also use Artificial intelligence in order to provide better results to the users.

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Adding a chat module to the application

Another feature that you need to add in the application surely is the chat module. The online dating application is of no use to the user without the chat option available in it. Once the person is able to find the appropriate match according to their preferences and choices, they can easily send them the messages to begin the conversation. The addition of the chat module in the application and is not at all difficult. You can simply add a chat module API in the application that can easily help in integrating the chat module in your application.

Some of the basic things that you need to consider while creating a chat module are mentioned down below.

  • It must be able to offer you with the real-time chat option.
  • The chat management option must be available in the offline mode.
  • You also need to provide the group live chat options, which allow you with the many to much chat option along with the session management offline.
  • There must be present an option that allows users to share the images, videos as well as audio files as well.
  • You also need to add the module that enables the users to send stickers, GIFs as well as emojis.

Create a layout that increases the user functionality

The layout of the dating application that you create must be extremely simple and hassle-free for users. Apart from the UI, the UX of the application should also be easy and neat for the users to use and understand. You need not add any complexities in the application, as finding a good date is already very difficult. The basic concept behind a dating application is pretty simple. It basically offers the users matches with potential partners on the basis of their interests, likes, preferences, and location. This is the basic factor that separates the average profiles from the best ones.  Some of the abaci layout options that you can select from are as follows.

Card style layout

This layout design is native to dating applications. It provides users with the ability to like or dislike a profile just by making a swipe. This will instantly display the profiles along with the stamp of whether you like it or not. The cards are able to divide all the content into sections that are meaningful information. This is one of the greatest strengths of the card-based design. Cards are designed to be used appropriately for the thumbs. A card-based layout is considered as the most user friendly as well as a desirable one with respect to the dating application.

List style layout

The list-style layout is similar to the other applications and displays the name and image of the user. The list style layout can easily be formatted in different shapes according to your choice. Users can easily choose the preferable profile from the list of all the results that are displayed. This layout is more popular among the users who have been using dating applications for a long time before the digital age. The card layout is more popular among the millennium users rather than the old ones. The list layout provides you to look at a huge number of profiles at the same time as compared to the card layout. It also sometimes provides you more features to look at once.


The dating applications are booming nowadays and are a great business opportunity for all budding entrepreneurs. It allows you to attract more users and easily huge profits. But in order to make sure that your business experiences growth, you need to make sure to add plenty of features in it. These features will surely help in making the application exciting and interesting for the users. Also, you need to keep in mind to offer a great user interface and user experience for making sure that the customers will be using the application over and over again. The application can also be integrated with some e-wallets or other payment options in case any kind of transaction is to be made. The App Development Companies Toronto can easily help you out to clear out all the problems that you are facing in the development of the dating application.

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