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How to Make a Dynamic Mobile App for Your Business?

How to Make a Dynamic Mobile App for Your Business?

Owning a business in today’s time has become a lot easier than it used to be 10 years ago. With tons of resources available, you can build up your own business in no time. But to make your business successful, you need a good customer base. This happens with good customer interaction and providing them ways to connect to you. And what would be a better way to do that than a mobile application? Today, smartphones have become a necessity, and the majority of businesses run on those smartphones. Be it e-commerce, banking, or even essential services, a majority of businesses out there use mobile applications for their businesses to reach customers.

With the growing technology, building a mobile application has become as easy as baking a cake. If we go 5 years back, building an mobile app would take a lot of resources and probably a team of developers. But now, all you need is a computer system and an idea. You may be thinking, “What about coding?” Coding is indeed an essential part of developing an application, but if you don’t know how to code, fret not. There are a lot many platforms available that lets you build your mobile app, and a dynamic one, without having to use a line of code.

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Let’s get familiar with some of these platforms.

  • Thunkable

Developing a mobile app and learning how the development works are something you will find rarely. And this is what exactly Thunkable offers. It allows you to learn to read the code and build your app at the same time. Thunkable uses a block-based approach, where you drag and drop puzzle-like blocks and connect them in order to create a function of your app. These blocks also have logics written on them, which let you know what will the selected block do. This is a very similar approach to the popular programming language learning platform “Scratch.”

Thunkable is a great way to build a mobile app as it is very visual. This means that you can see the design that you are building and then set the functions according to that.

  • BuildFire

To build a dynamic mobile app with tons of features, you would probably require a team of developers. But not with BuildFire. BuildFire is a one-stop-shop when it comes to portable app building. With this, you get to choose from a lot of code blocks called ‘plugins’ that look like widgets.

  1. You start by selecting a few basic plugins for the homepage and grab additional plugins for other pages of your app.
  2. For example, if you wish to add a video feature to your app, you can select the YouTube plugin and can have a video playlist feature automatically added to your app. It is that simple.
  3. Similarly, you can add other functions to your app like push notifications, user profiles, chat boxes, and whatnot.

BuildFire supports building apps for both Android and iOS platforms. There are multiple membership options to choose from if you wish to build your app on BuildFire.

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  • AppInstitute

Probably one of the most straightforward app builder platforms you will ever find. AppInstitute makes the app development extremely easy and quick for you. Even if you have very little to zero understanding of code, but own a business and want a mobile application for it, you can build it by yourself. It takes only four steps to get your app up and running or maybe even publish it.

  1. The first step is to pick a template. That’s right. AppInstitute offers a lot of different pre-defined templates that you can choose from.
  2. Once you have selected a template, you move on to the next step, which is to add branding elements to your page. You can add your logo, images, links, and much more.
  3. The third step is to customize your content. You can edit the pages from the pre-defined template in terms of design, order, and text. AppInstitute comes with an app builder interface where you can make any changes that you want.
  4. And lastly, publish! As soon as you have completed building your app, you can go on and publish it to any of the app markets. You do not have to pay any charges to AppInstitute unless you wish to publish your app anywhere.
  • AppyPie

Lastly, there is AppyPie. As the name suggests, this one makes app development as easy as baking a pie. You can build a fully functional mobile app in a matter of days, if not hours, and publish it right after. AppyPie gives you the largest amount of features in terms of design and functionality. And to top that, it also offers Progressive Web Apps functionality. This means you can view your mobile app on a web browser too! In order to develop an app, you need to follow the below steps

  1. Start off by selecting an idea for the mobile app and the add features to it. You can choose from a vast list of features like e-commerce, contacts, social, information, and much more.
  2. For example, if you select Contact, you will be able to add contact listing, contact information, call and messaging functionalities, and much more.
  3. You’ll also be able to customize these features the way you want.

AppyPie also provides assistance when you wish to publish your application on any of the app markets.


Even if you may not be able to find the time to learn coding, that shouldn’t stop you from building a mobile application for your business. There are a number of other platforms available where you can build your app. All you need is an idea and a list of functions and features you wish to have in the app. With a little bit of investment and time, your app can go a long way and prove to be a great advantage when it comes to building up that customer base and connecting with them.

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