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How to make iced coffee with a coffee maker easily?

How to make iced coffee with a coffee maker easily?


Iced coffee is becoming a popular drink in various parts of the world because it is a sweet milk beverage served cold. Many people think that both iced coffees and cold coffees are the same. However, it is not true since they are different, and one should know about them in detail. There are different types of iced coffee varieties available in the markets which aim at fulfilling the expectations of users. At the same time, making iced coffee is not an easy thing, and those who want to make the same should get ideas from videos and other sources for meeting essential requirements.

It is possible to prepare an iced coffee with or without a coffee maker. On the other hand, making iced coffee with a coffee making system will allow a person to increase the taste of a beverage. Moreover, one can make a coffee with different flavors and textures.

Here are some tips meant for those who want to make iced coffee with a coffee maker.

1. Selecting and preparing a machine

Before making iced coffee, it is necessary to select the right type of coffee machine which exactly suits the requirements. People can pick either a Keurig machine, espresso machine, or French Press machine for this purpose that can help to obtain optimal results. However, a French Press coffee machine is suitable for iced coffee preparation because it makes the process a simple one.

2. Picking the right roast

Coffer makers should pick the right roast because it contributes more to prepare a great cup of coffee accordingly. They should put 1/3 cup of coarsely ground coffee into the bottom of a French Press and pour 350 ml of cold water. Moreover, one should stir it gently with a spoon for getting the desired results.

3. Refrigerating the French Press overnight

It becomes a difficult one to fit the French Press with the lid in a refrigerator. Therefore, one should cover the top of the machine with beeswax or plastic wrap and keep the same in a refrigerator for at least 12 hours or overnight. Anyone interested in making stronger iced coffee should steep it for 24 hours.

4. Plunging the French Press

A person should remove the French Press from the refrigerator and take off the cover as soon as possible. It is imperative to set the French Press lid on top, and one should slowly press down in order to push the grounds to the bottom.

5. Pouring the coffee through a filter

Those who want to make an iced coffee should set a coffee filter onto a fine mesh strainer. In addition, they can place the same over a measuring jug and slowly pour the cold coffee through a filter. This, in turn, gives ways to discard or compost the grounds that left in the machine.

6. Pouring cold coffee over ice

Iced coffee makers should keep ice cubes ready, and they can fill the drink in a serving glass with them by pouring enough cold coffee. After that, users can fill the rest of the glass with cold water or milk.

7. Trying variations

People can try different variations while making an iced coffee that ultimately gives ways to get a different taste experience.

Refrigerating hot coffee

Anyone who doesn’t have the time to make cold-brewed coffee should make a cup of hot coffee with brewing methods. It is necessary to put the coffee into the refrigerator until it is cold. After that, one should pour the cold coffee into an ice-filled glass.

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Dissolving instant powder

This is another quick method to make iced coffee enabling a person to save time. A person can stir 1 tablespoon of instant coffee with 2 tablespoons of hot water in a tall glass. He/she should fill the glass with ice and pour 1 cup of cold water over it. For a creamy iced coffee, it is a wise one to use cold milk instead of water.

Utilizing coffee ice cubes

Iced coffee may become diluted when the ice melts. Hence, it is necessary to make ice cubes to prevent problems in advance. Another thing is that one can just pour cold coffee into an empty ice tray and freeze the same until they become solid.

Stirring in favorite syrups

Iced cup makers should purchase or make favorite syrups such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and other syrups for adding flavors. One can use the simple syrup for plain sweetness and stir the same based on his/her choices.

Mixing cold coffee with ice cream

A person can pour 1 cup of cold coffee and 59 ml of milk into a tall glass and should fill the same with ice. Moreover, it is advisable to top the drink with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream that can result in delicious taste.

Blending the iced coffee

People can blend the iced coffee with one cup of cold coffee into a blender followed by 2 to 3 cups ice cubes along with 25 gm. of sugar. They can even put the lid on the blender and blend the ingredients until they become smooth.


Making an iced coffee involves several challenges, and beginners can follow the above steps for handling complications significantly.

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