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How To Select The Right App Development Company

How To Select The Right App Development Company

Any room is a panic room if you've lost your phone in it. Funny but so true. Can you imagine even a single day without your phone? As smartphones have evolved so have our obligation towards its multiple usages. I use it to send money to my parents, buy a pack of cigarettes, pay for Uber, navigate to a house warming party, take pics of some of the significant moments in my life and play games just to kill time and compete with friends. All these things are made possible with mobile apps which takes me through a journey of a thought popping in my head to it being a reality. 

All the elements that we require for a better life have been identified, segregated and been developed into apps. Companies are trying to distinguish the pain points in our lives and build apps which, in return, will give us value. There are apps that remind you to drink water, hence improving my metabolism. Some apps help you to train yourself and get a six-pack in just 90 days. There are some that transform your phone into an awesome flashlight. Some help you to learn languages or help you cook. 

Companies are making millions with apps. Dreams are coming true for some companies and some are on the way trying to make that perfect app. Entrepreneurs with ideas, hire an app developing company, get apps developed, test them out, market it, reach millions of users, then they start making money. Which brings me to THE question. How to select the right app development company? Which company will help you achieve your goal to develop the app of your dreams? 

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I have compiled some pointers which will help you think about and choose the right app development company for your dream app. 

End-to-end mobile app development: Most of the StartUps need help in all phases of app development such as strategy building, design, development, and maybe even with post-launch marketing and maintenance. Seek a full-service mobile app developing agency that has dedicated specialists to perform such services. LinkedIn is a great platform to find such organizations. 

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): When you decide to share your business idea with companies, always remember, if your idea is sensitive or valuable from an intellectual property (IP) point of view, ask for a signed non-disclosure agreement. This will ensure that the app idea is not disclosed to any third party.
Regulations & Compliance: Its always good to check wheater the company you are deciding to choose, complies with the latest regulations and compliances. This is one of the critical aspects when your business in industries like healthcare & finance, where compliance holds utmost importance. 

Total Code Ownership: While deciding on which company to choose for app development, go with the company which is willing to hand over 100% ownership of the source code once the project is done. It's always a good practice to keep everything with you under your control. 

Maintenance: Mostly all app developing companies provide timely maintenance for a fixed time span. Depends on what suites you, you can extend the maintenance services provided by the company or choose to have your own in-house developers to take care of the app. No matter how good the app, it would require bug fixes, updates or feature changes, with time. 

Hidden Details: Some of the most important factors are not on paper. Do ask some questions such as: Who all are there in the development team? Are they freelancers or employees? What kind of systems or tools would you be using? Do you practice Agile or Waterfall methodology or both? Who would be the main point of contact? How often would we communicate? What do you think of my business plan? What would you change in it? What are the challenges in working in my project?

Stay positive, because working with these companies can get you involved in their technical jargons but soon enough you would understand everything. It's just another step you have to take to get closer to your dream app. 

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