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How to Write the Perfect requirements for a Mobile App, Step by Step?

How to Write the Perfect requirements for a Mobile App, Step by Step?

The mobile application requirement document is the groundwork for enterprise application development and is called as the product specification. The crucial document works for the darken the outline of business logics, highlight technical detail and guide the developer for the number of components. The document plays a pivotal role in the initial stage of endpoint development. This article emphasizes the importance of documentation for the perfect mobile app development solution. Before understanding the way of writing the perfect requirement document, it is imperative to understand the importance of the document.

Why writing the document is so important?

A document containing the requirement is always important for the mobile app development solution. If you need an enterprise mobile app, therefore you have prepared the document with the certain requirements of the solution. The developer works over the requirement and prepares an app. When you look at the app, the version looks completely different from the requirement you have. This discrepancy occurs because of the unclear details in the Requirement Document. The developer did not get a clear idea of your enterprise needs while app development. A formalized document works well in this arena and renders developers a clear vision of the app and the concrete shape to your virtual needs. Also, you make sure that the developer understands your business needs completely. Therefore, the document with the detailed functional requirement is necessary for Mobile development services.

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Here are the important steps to write the mobile application requirement document before hiring an app developer:

  1. Idea Formulation
  2. Right sequence 
  3. Explore the existing apps
  4. Identify the priority 
  5. Share relevant details
  6. Create Wireframe
  7. Business Requirement 

Idea Formulation

You must give you an idea description into a single statement. The statement must be able to give an understanding of the purpose of the app to the reader. Also, the reader must be able to connect with usability instantly. 

Right sequence

If you take a little knowledge about the navigation pattern, you can make a document with the right sequence. Framing the document the way the user explores the app, is the right way to set the things. The first part of the description must tell how the first page must look like and the onboarding screen features. Then the user registration screen and other screens must be discussed. Also, never forget to pay attention to the privacy policy as it saves you from the legal complications later. 

Explore the existing apps

Whether you hire an iPhone developer or android developer, you have to give an idea through competitive apps running in the market. The market is too competitive and integrating the innovative features is essential for the success of an app. Your competitive apps are the one who is going to cut down your market and grab your customers. Before initiating the development, you must explore the existing apps and keep a note of the fascinating features. Also, the impressive UIs can be taken for the hint. You can always add a few attractive features to your app. 

Identify the priority

Heaping the features always does not work well. This sometimes leaves the app with the number of features while missing a few important ones. You must make the list of features, which are in priority for android and iPhone app development services. Conveying the same to the developer helps him in understanding the exact purpose of your app. Also, it is needed to convey developers what are the features, which can be avoided. This helps in deciding which features developers must integrate first. 

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Share relevant details

Users are not concerned with the details such as the color and button style. They are more concerned with the functional features of the app. For the requirement document, you can skip the similar details and focus on the solution for the user problems. Emphasizing the important details helps the developer is focusing on relevant information only.

Create Wireframe

When you hire an app developer, he always has a blurred idea of the app you need, the requirement documentation helps in achieving the vision. If it is complemented with the wireframe, the developer can actually understand the flow you want. Having 3-4 wireframes of the screen can pacify the further queries of the development and designing team and acknowledge the business flow more precisely.

Business Requirement

These are requirements, which are necessary to meet the business objectives. This outlines how the solution addresses the need of the company and users. Here are a few things to include: 

  • Purpose of the product.
  • Current problem scenario.
  • How to improve the current process?
  • What is the vision for the statement?
  • Is the app starting from scratch or can you start from the existing solution?
  • What are the features?
  • Branding and design guidelines to follow.
  • Monetization idea

Mobile app objective

The first document needs to clear the objective of the app to the mobile development services you hire. What you expect your app to do, along with the core objectives of the app, must be included in the document. The key is to focus on single problem solving for the users. By concentrating on the core problem, it is easier to create a product vision statement. 

User Journeys

You must include the user flow for each type of role. These roles include customer, admin, and guest. How the users will interact with the product from the onboarding page to finish. Creating the user journey involves business analysts, UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, and product managers. Mapping the user stories help in communicating the possibilities from a user perspective

Product vision statement

The vision statement gives a clear direction to the app objective. A vision statement gives a clear idea about the solutions for the problems users are facing. In the vision statement, you include the target audience, user's pain points, and the specialty of the app. 

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List of features

The first version of the mobile app must offer an intuitive user experience. Making a list of features is essential for making a fully comprehensible document. If you deal with iPhone app development services, it becomes more sensitive to pay attention to every minute thing. The details of the onboarding page, navigation, forms, galleries, menu, login screens, loyalty cards, shopping cart payments, Third-party integrations, Native maps, app analytics, and other potential features need to be well explained in the document. 

Technical details

The technical detail outlines the systemic needs of meeting the desired results. 

  • The platform of the app (Apple's iOS, Google's Android or Windows).
  • Operating system support
  • Current service, database, and server.
  • Maintenance needs etc.

Maintenance and updates

App development is an iterative task. It does not finish over one build. Always you need to plan for the maintenance cost of your app and for fixing the bugs. Therefore, the long-term product vision accounts for pre-planned product improvement and user-generated demands for iteration.

Things to keep in mind

While writing the requirement document, a few things need to be kept in mind. It is crucial to leverage the experience and insights of multiple teams. Gathering the suggestion help in developing the comprehensive definition for sections of your document. Try to eliminate or discard the industry-specific terms, to ensure that anyone can easily understand the requirements of your app. As the product demands changes, ensuring that everyone is understanding, what you need to communicate is the key to successful development.

Final thoughts

The ultimate goal of the mobile requirement document is to offer the foundation for a successful product regardless of the platform you hire mobile development services for. Before taking your project off the ground, make sure to map out every business requirement and clarify the constraint, assumption, and dependencies. During the development, maximum queries must be answered through the document. It is essential to focus on delivering superior values for the marketplace.

The ultimate goal is to deliver great user experience through the app. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the user perspective and the document must imbibe the proper representation of your prospective app. This way the successful enterprise application will not be a herculean task. 

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