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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in iPhone App Development

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in iPhone App Development

These days the foremost means of communication is mobile technology. It all started with Symbian Mobiles (now nowhere to be seen) and was followed by the touch mobiles that had the Android Operating System. However, Android also found a competitor in what we all now know as iOS.  iOS comes from Apple Inc., also from the United States, but has some uncanny features about it. The most astonishing features in an iOS mobile device are security-related. The way we say iOS devices as of today is much different from when they initially came into the market. The latest versions of an iPhone mobile support Artificial Intelligence. Siri, the Cortana like Assistant but much better than that uses Artificial Intelligence to answer the users’ queries.

So, what exactly is Artificial Intelligence or AI (as we call it)? The primary focus of AI is to make computers think as humans do. Not only this Artificial Intelligence would also help these machines learn with experience. If there are two solutions to a problem and one of them brought better results, the machines would be using that one only. Machines that use AI are capable to handle newer kinds of inputs such as the ones that are used with BIG DATA analysis. From computers, this technology is making its way into the mobile world as well. Developers into iPhone App development such as the ones in Toronto are using these technologies to recognize different types of data they come across.

Artificial Intelligence has its basis in Knowledge Engineering i.e. the machines that will acquire Artificial Intelligence need to have a vast database of knowledge about the world they are about to deal with.  To implement Artificial Intelligence, classification and numerical regression are used, but more important is the ability of a machine to identify different patterns. Imagine you have a retina scanner with all the tools available but is unable to identify one pattern from another. That would simply make it useless.

This is how iPhone Apps are being developed today. On the technical side, regression helps in acquiring the numerical set of input and output samples.  These are then classified to determine their category to which an object could belong. Using Artificial Intelligence, devices can infer different aspects of the world using some sensory inputs such as with the help of bio-tech. Artificial Intelligence equipped machines or mobiles can analyze visual inputs such as gestures, or facial recognition.

Creating an application using Artificial Intelligence takes us a step further as civilizations develop with the use of new technologies. From traveling by foot centuries ago, we now plan to build our homes on the moon or other planets. It has all been the benefit we accrued from technology. So why not use the same with the mobiles we use?

The mobiles we use these days are quite intelligent as compared to the ones we had in the beginning. Thanks mainly to Artificial Intelligence. And remember I am talking about the SMARTEST PHONE. iPhone has been known to provide services that ANDROID or other operating systems so far have not been able to do. This is due to the integration of the Artificial Intelligence module along with iOS. Developers for iOS these days integrate modules such as VOICE RECOGNITION, HANDWRITING RECOGNITION, or FACIAL RECOGNITION into their apps. You just have to speak into the mobile a few words and lo, you have the results. Try saying “TALLEST TOWERS IN THE WORLD” and you get a list of such towers. That was a function performed by SIRI. Some of the apps even perform a medical diagnosis using artificial intelligence.

Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Your Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can be used in any kind of app today. However, if we just want to confine ourselves we can start by using artificial intelligence in the field of education. Kids can be provided with smart tutors in their mobiles. They can be made to ask queries of any kind they wish and get results instantly from a very big knowledge database. Such an app can also put queries to the students, and if they are unable to answer a difficult question, ask them an easier question. Let the student be made to go up the ladder step by step.

Why is Artificial Intelligence a Must for iPhone App Development?

Artificial Intelligence can be used for creating your mobile apps as well. Many iOS Developers in Toronto have been doing so since quite a long time. The reasons they specify for developing apps with Artificial Intelligence are penned hereunder:

  1. Accuracy and Perfection: With the use of artificial intelligence, one can rest assured that the product being developed will be accurate and perfect. The flaws, if any, will be minimized by the use of artificial intelligence during the development phase only.
  2. Monotonous Tasks:  Some apps take a long time to do some task.  This is a lack of creativity on the part of the developers. To avoid such things, developers can take the help of artificial intelligence to save time as artificial intelligence would select the best way to perform a task and as such save on time.
  3. Level of Customer Satisfaction: The apps that use Artificial Intelligence will find customer satisfaction at a high. This is because problems are solved in a minimum amount of time, users need not search for anything as AI will bring things to them based on their previous interests. Customer satisfaction is bound to go up.
  4. Daily Tasks or Operations: We can see that there are apps available for our mobiles for almost everything – studies, games, medical, travel, eateries, and whatnot. You don’t even need to type into the mobile to search for something. Just speak. In case you type something, more than half the sentence is completed for you by Artificial Intelligence. If you type “As I am a bit busy”, the rest of the sentence might show “I will not be able to meet you”.
  5. Personalization: With AI integrated into your apps, you can personalize your experiences. Make the appropriate settings, and artificial intelligence can take over from there. It will present you with options that match the criteria you have specified in your settings.
    How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be beneficial for business?

Apps for iOS that use Artificial Intelligence

  1. Seeing AI: This is a camera that can talk, see, and detect the emotions on the users face.

  2. Home Court: A basketball app where users are tracked for their misses, goals, and location of the shots. They can also review them later on.
  3. Swift Swim: This is meant for swimmers only. Using machine learning it identifies the way you swim and also helps improve your swimming style. Competing against someone? Then don’t miss out on this app.
  4. Aura: This app will track your health levels as well as your moods. It also helps you to meditate.
  5. Astro: Well you may not need to manage your inbox now. A smart assistant does that work for you by highlighting the important messages. It is also ALEXA-enabled.
  6. ELSA Speak: It helps to improve your English by teaching 2000+ words and providing feedback.
  7. FaceApp: Transforms the face by making you younger (or older), changing styles, and applying filters.
  8. AITSO: Remember the good old DOS days? This app is basically a DOS-based AI app for iOS. It can chat with you, tell jokes, and most interestingly, it can remember the various conversations you had with it.
  9. SmartLens:  This AI-based app lets you know what you are looking at, and can provide details about that thing such as a plant, an animal, or a building.
  10. Time: This app keeps track of your time, and does not let you go off track. It will inform you if you do. Thus saving a lot of your precious time.


With artificial intelligence finding a way into almost all aspects of our life, mobiles were definitely the way through which AI could easily reach and provide its services. Artificial Intelligence has influenced a number of iOS apps to attract customer to that specific platform. Although AI is not limited to just one platform, iOS is still exploiting it in many areas beginning with Siri and Spotlight. The story does not end there. Artificial Intelligence has a lot more to offer than assistants only. Machine learning might be the next thing that the mobile world will be looking to. This can then bring about a revolutionary shift in the way that developers, businesses, and users think about developing mobile applications.

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