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Interesting Startup Statistics You Need to Know In 2020

Interesting Startup Statistics You Need to Know In 2020

2020 is the digital era. Human life is entirely dependent on the digital world. In 2020 Apps have dominated the market entirely. Mobile is becoming the synonym of growth these days. Business with a digital world like apps, mobile apps growing at its peak in 2020. Both small and big business industries invest in mobile apps to earn mass. The apps have dominated the mobile market completely. Mobile App startups are the hot topic of this year. Some of the mobile start-up apps plans are here for you.

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App startup for 2020

There are different app startups for 2020, such as:

  1. E-Commerce Marketing App

The E-commerce business is not limited to just movies, books, and scientific papers; in fact, its boundaries are spread to household, retail industry, and consumable items as well. The number of buyers will skyrocket to 2.11 billion in 2021, with an estimate of the total business of $500 billion. More people are connecting to the digital world with an e-commerce business; it is worthy of an idea to develop your business app and a retail store and earn some hack some amount of money. Progressive Web app is an example of such a mobile app startup that is currently initiated by AliExpress for doing E-Business.

  1. Augmented reality app

AR app helps you built virtual reality; it gives your customers a new experience. For example, Ikea’s mobile app helps you to buy your room furniture as it gives you ideas about the setting of the products that you buy for your room. This AR technology has progressed very rapidly, and in the future, it will open many fields for app developers and customers. Currently, the users of VR technology are more than 171 million who are spread in different domains. Snapchat and Instagram are already using augmented reality for filters. You can use AR/VR to generate a large number of useful mobile app ideas.

  1. Business/Store Locator

In this app, you can find anything around in your area. You can find doctors, printing shops, barbers, photographers, etc. These apps also allow customers to add a rating, and you can check the rating before going to any business you want to interact with. This app idea is limited to local areas, so you can also build an app for a particular area and earn money from it.

  1. Chatbots apps

These are automated reply apps, e.g., Apple Siri and Google Assistant. With the increasing race, it is essential to have websites with an instant reply, to improve the customer experience. Bots can reply like humans decreasing the requirement of a worker. Chatbots are the latest trend and offer a lot of potential for app developers.

  1. Things Delivery Apps

Recently there have been very successful apps that deliver food/grocery at your doorstep, e.g., UberEats, GrubHub, etc. and many online shopping apps like Amazon. There are also many apps for ride-sharing doing good business in the market. You can also develop an app to deliver different items; all you have to do is come up with an idea to provide a new thing.

  1. Travel Advisory App

Everyone wants to visit unexplored places, discover the beauty of nature, and want to know about flights, fares, and how much time he should spend on a home during a tour. About 55% of the travelers want to know about the eco-friendly accommodation areas, most flights in the US are booked three months before the visit. So, it is a great idea to develop an original traveling app. The best thing about a mobile travel guide app is the market competition is not that high; very few companies are holding the entire market. So, it’s a great startup idea to build a mobile app for a travel guide.

Another aspect is that you don’t build a full travel guide app. Mobile apps on specific niches will be more on focus in 2020.  These apps may include lodging apps, squatting apps, online ticketing apps, or parking apps that find nearby parking.

Wrapping up

The industry of mobile application continues to expand, and the mainstream focus will be on improving the app quality and meet the customer's satisfaction by delivering valuable apps to them. The above mentioned are just a few mobile apps startup, which will be trending in 2020; you can generate your idea to gain revenue with these mobile apps.

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