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iOS 13.1 to solve 3-finger gesture issue in PUBG Mobile and Fortnite

iOS 13.1 to solve 3-finger gesture issue in PUBG Mobile and Fortnite

The most recent take off of the iOS 13 added another element to PUBG and Fortnite whereby a three-fingered long press raises a toolbar. Be that as it may, this has demonstrated to be a prevention and a disturbance to the players since the games need two fingers to play. A few players utilize three fingers in a 'hook grasp' to play the games. Following a few objections, PUBG Mobile has recognized the issue. The three-finger tool compartment should spring up when the players are taken advantage of a book box. If so, the abrupt spring up may imply that it is a bug which has not been gotten. 

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PUBG and Fortnite players are mentioned not to refresh to iOS 13. Be that as it may, it appears to be exceptionally far-fetched that the iOS has not been moved up to 13 as once huge mob. As a possibility, Apple should issue a fix for this triple finger tap-and-hold signal issue soon with the iOS 13.1 discharge one week from now. There comes a spring up notice inside PUBG which emphasizes the way that the designers know about the issue. 

The message understands, "We know about an issue for players moving up to iOS 13.0, where contacting the screen with 3 fingers will trigger an iOS capacity and intrude on the game. We have officially raised the issue with Apple, and we will keep working with them to determine the issue. We recommend players who play the game with at least 3 fingers don't move up to iOS 13.0 until the issue is settled." 

Some beta clients of the forthcoming iOS 13.1 have recognized that this issue has been issued a fix. It is normally assumed that the following update, the iOS 13.1 which is planned to dispatch on September 24 will have a fix to this issue when all is said in done. Truth be told, PUBG Mobile designers additionally tweeted requesting that the players update to the beta iOS 13.1 to abstain from having this issue further.

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