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Is obessity connected with impotence problem?

Is obessity connected with impotence problem?

Obessity is the common and major issues in mens body which that can effects more than they think about. A obesity has happen due to cholestrol when you take lots of cholestrol from your food. You will become slowly fat to obest and that will very dangerous for human body. Facing lots of health realted problem like first high blood pressure reason your heart has working doube speed to your fatty body, Hyper blood pressure become your high anxity and stress. (A health issue is always connected with each others) A obesity will become you impotence as well yes you can faced the erectile dysfunction issue and that will lose your confidence, stamina and healthy healths. For cure from the erectile dysfunction many doctor suggest take sildena 100 tablet like Fildena 100.


Workout is very important nowadays due to leaving unhealthy lifestyle working 8-10 hours sitting lifestyle, bad food taken daily, no sweat any more too and the result is you will become obest slowly slowly.

Go to Gym Regularly and maintain your diet food.


Human mind are very sensative they take tiny problem very big but if you cantrol your mind on any situtation your mind is always stress free. Beacuse of stress is killing your mind balance sometime you can faced the hyper tesition desease due to take too much stress about work, life, social, and other issues. In stress situation mind release the chemical that time body need more energy and we take extra calories that time.

Keep in mind stress free mind long live.

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