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Key Benefits in choosing Python for Web Development

Key Benefits in choosing Python for Web Development

Web Development is common and quite a household name now. So much so that even people with less amount of knowledge and experience in web development, speak about the significance of having a website, while starting a new business. And why not, the effect of having a good web site is there for everyone to see as in today’s technology driven word, having a quality website for your organization, wins at least half the battle for you.

However, developing a website is not as easy job as it may sound. There are quite a lot of development frameworks, which have proved worthy of building a good website. The choice of any programming language or a framework always depends on how strong and responsive, the end application is desired to be and the quantum of coding and complexities involved, in addition to the availability of an experienced developer. This is where, one language, caught the eyes of every developer and organization and the world started looking at Python for Web Development.

The Emergence and Significance of Python

As an Object Oriented Programming Language, Python’s ever increasing popularity and its ability to focus on Rapid Action Development (RAD), has motivated many emerging organizations and startups, to choose it as a first choice programming language for Web Development.

Over the years, software developers have used several coding languages, to develop quality websites, but Python for Web Development, struck their imagination, after seeing how it contributes immensely towards building strong websites and adapting quickly to changes in technology, as they unfold.  This has also motivated developers to use python for a number of applications including General AI based application, Machine Learning, NLP and Neural Networks.

There are many significant advantages which endorse Python for Web Development.

Python is an Open Source Language

Python is a gem of a programming language, which has had engineers from across the world, contributing towards developing it. Python is an open source platform. In the sense, it can be modified upon by the developer concerned, to meet his specific need and requirement. Creating blocks and libraries is easily possible in Python and more importantly, as a language, it can be scaled up and upgraded to meet the changes in technology, as it unfolds. And all this, at no cost at all!

Easy to Learn

As far as ease of learning and usage is concerned, Python is very user friendly and easy to learn. In addition it is easy to use too and supports building strong and responsive websites.

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Supports Multi – Tasking

The significant value which Python brings to the table for either a Startup or an established business entity (Small, Medium or Big), is its support for multi-tasking.  Many organizations continue to choose Python for Web Development, because through its ability to multi-task, it can simultaneously work on complex issues like Data security, which makes it one of the most dependable languages around.

Build more functions with lesser coding

A multi-dimensional website can go a long way in creating that all-important first impression on your client. That is where Python web development scores as it is considered to be reliable and efficient and can include more options through additional functions. You can quickly do something without wasting too much time and with practically very less coding required.

Has In-Built Libraries which can support the use of AI in Web Development

As much as Python is doing rounds, so are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. The in-built libraries which Python brings along with it, supports AI and ML based programming which has a significant impact on the performance of the final web application as these libraries contain internet

Easy to build prototypes

Python supports an equally strong prototype development which is seen by many customers as the first view of the final product in the making. The effortless ease, with which Python operates, makes it a strong case to be the first choice for web development. Faster prototypes can save time, reduce cost and work towards getting a satisfied client and Python works quite well in this direction.

Easy to Test

Another key highlight ofPython, as a programming language, is its readability. Python’s ability to support application testing is of huge significant advantage as it justifies Python’s ability to Multi-Task, as explained in one of the paragraphs above. This saves development time and can meet client specified delivery deadlines.

The Python – Django combine; a great asset for a high-level Python web development

One of the most popular Python frameworks, Django, is an added attraction, as far as Python web development is concerned. The ability to use Django, which can represent your application in a highly professional way, by being able to model your domain and codes, is one of the attractive features, which lures developers to take a deeper look into this extensively flexible programming language.

Django supports SEO operations

Website development is not only about how fast and responsive it can be and satisfy the user. More importantly, it’s also about how much of a visibility it can give to the end user, across the globe or with his choice of final audience, which the user so eagerly looks forward to. Hence SEO optimization, as far as your web development, is concerned, is an extremely important activity.  Python’s widely acknowledged framework Django, minimizes any operational level differences, which might land the user and the SEO activity on crossroads. It not only helps from the actual user’s perspective, but also helps Search Engines, which use the right keywords, while ranking the website and giving a broader visibility to the user.

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A developer’s choice; especially new developers

Python for Web Development is a delight, especially for aspiring young developers, who have a liking for Artificial Intelligence based projects. In other words, Python as an OOP based programming language provides the new developer with an interface, from any of the existing programming interfaces, that works out to be helpful for the new Python developers.

Platform Independent Programming Language

Another notable plus point with Python, is it is platform independent. Websites built using Python can be used across multiple operating systems. There are bare minimum changes required to be made to the source code. This also helps in saving considerable amount of time for developers, while testing on multiple platforms.  Therefore, it makes complete sense in hiring developers with expertise and exposure in Python, for any web development projects.

A Strong Community supportive Language

A friend in need is a friend in deed! Python, as language, justifies every aspect of this important and well known phrase. In other words, being an open source programming language with a great developer community support, any single developer or a team of developers, working in tandem, can fix critical issues.

Enhances Speed and Productivity of the website

Python adds value by supporting enhanced process control abilities. This adds up to increase its speed and productivity. When it comes to building complex websites which need to be extremely quick in response, Python for Web Development is the immediate answer.

A boon to students seeking scale up to the level of a teacher

Python not only helps in developing good websites but plays a vital role in motivating students with working knowledge, to graduate to the level of teachers and guides. A career in education is very much a possibility for students with a broad over view of the Python language, where they can share their rich experience and help young aspirants to choose the language.

System Administrators endorse Python for Web Development

Python plays a good role in helping create a friendly atmosphere for system administrators, as most of the complex tasks associated with them, are seasoned out to quite an extent. Python comes in with useful features that control utilities within an operating system. Python also works as an effective tutorial for students who wish to master System Administration while they work as sysadmins.

Prominent User Services employ Python as Core Language

Many prominent user services like YouTube and Social Media platforms like Instagram use Python as their premier programming language. The list also includes the popular pay platform PayPal and the E-commerce platform E-Bay. This is a great news for web developers as spending considerable amount of time on Python and Django can help them meet their career aspirations as well as think about beginning their own startup at some point of time.

A household name amongst technology bigwigs

Popularity and familiarity does help as many technology bigwigs like NASA, Google and Mozilla have acknowledged Python’s significant contributions to web development. These mentors for smaller setups will continue to endorse and recommend Python, as long as they are out for some new achievements and new discoveries as Python has every ability to scale up to meet the latest developments in technology.

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A Revenue Booster for Organizations

The Global popularity of Python extends to being a revenue booster for aspiring organizations as it ranks amongst the highest paid languages for web development, which also includes SQL and Java.

Holds its own in the IOT era

In the era of Internet of Things, the next biggest thing to have happened to technology driven business giants, Python is still considered a strong force, not only for web development, but also allowing developers to independently think out of the box and put into practice, their own fresh ideas. For example, they can now think of introducing their own new devices and gaming options, by introducing a combination of IOT and Python, behind these innovations. With advanced Python programming concepts, developers can design their own gadgets, and connect them with real world at an affordable cost to begin with.

Acts as a base for learning other languages

Developers can think about Python beyond than just web development. Beginning with Python, they can think about applying the features of Python with fellow competing languages like JavaScript and C. Python can now be considered as a gateway for web development and then to try and co-relate the features of Python with other languages.


Having seen a plethora of possibilities where Python can be successfully used, there should be little doubt among companies looking at the best websites, about choosing Python for web development. In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, Python is one language which comes close to adapting to these changes and works in a clean and consistent manner. Apart from being easy to understand, Python has all qualities to be a developer’s delight. It not only supports operations with its own inbuilt qualities but also with its ability to gel well with other languages. Moreover being an open source program, Python can be used as per the directives of the developer. With these towering qualities if you as a web development company or a developer are still wary about Python’s strengths for web development, then you are sure to miss something in the long run, if you do not make a wise decision. Right now!

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