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Know Website Development latest trends in 2019

Know Website Development latest trends in 2019

Know Website Development latest trends in 2019

If you rewind back to two decades ago, did you think the web would be as sophisticated and uncomplicated like it is today? Every passing day, able developers around the globe are on a journey to adapt themselves to innovations and technological advancements. For, the web shall continue to develop and redefine how we perceive it. Hence, it is a mandate to stay at the top of your game and acquaint yourself to the ever-evolving trends of web application development. Which is why, at Apparrant Technologies, a web development company, we encourage our developers and designers to stay updated with the latest advancements and fuel their hunger for learning more.

Here are the latest web design and development trends of 2019:

1.  Progressive Web Apps

In today's world, we do not settle down to responsive amenities but prefer progressive ones at best. Which is why, with PWA or Progressive Web Applications, one can experience high and better functionality. PWA’s are modernised web application that load as standard web pages or web sites. These applications load instantly, indifferent to the state of network or browser choice. Since it emulates native mobile applications, it can easily load and adapt to the concerned browser landing page, the screen size of the device and its specifications. Also, since Progressive Web Apps adapt to the native device, the apps work even when the device is offline.


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2.  Single Page Application

With SPA or Single Page Application, surfing through a page is a smooth process. Single Page Application is a JavaScript-based application that adjusts to a single page without refreshing the page while exchanging data and/or updating the page. This JavaScript framework enables smooth user-friendly applications that are highly responsive and support multiple devices. It improves the performance of an application and is based on React and Angular framework, making it a highly practical and effective app for hybrid applications.

3.  AMP

An open source HTML framework, AMP provides a direct way to build web pages that have premium functionality, speed, uniform loading and takes care of user experience significantly. Using AMP benefits web design and development engineers as it ensures flexibility, control and reduces code complexity. Overall, AMP improves the speed and ensures favourable user experience and the core business metrics. It also reduces developer overhead and is applicable across varied web touch points. Being a website development company, we build fruitful products that are AMP incorporated and assure you with the top-notch user experience.

4.  Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence has been making progress for a while now and with user wide usage of the same, in the next few years, there shall be amenities that we haven’t thought about now. For, a few years back, Chatbots weren’t in existence and today we have AI software that is able to simulate a conversation with the user in a preferred user-defined language through websites, mobile applications, telephone and messaging apps. A chatbot is highly capable in analysing a request, and then identifying the intent of the user and compose a reply as per the request of the user, which is relevant and accurate. You can access Chatbot assistance 24x7 and enjoy the customer support requirements.

5.  Motion UI

A Sass-based library, Motion UI enables quick creation of CSS transitions and animations. The core function is to transit components in and out to apply the same on overlays, navigations, visual feedback, off-canvas menus, and many more. A Motion UI package also comes with a segment of JavaScript library that triggers the transition. Also, similar effects used for transitions can also be applied to create CSS animation, all of which can be combined and made into a single set of keyframes. With Motion UI, we create a difference that adds elegance to your website.


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6.  JavaScript

JavaScript has been the most popular language for the longest while with its ever-evolving frameworks, designs and libraries, which continue to grease the wheel of inventions and take it forward. It is one of the most in-demand programming languages for the year 2019 and shall continue to be so. As a web design company, we ensure our engineers are proficient with the language in order to excel in the field of development. For, we believe, interactive websites with magnetic content and transitional dynamism, makes a perfect product.

7.  Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the daily reminders of the day to day changes in our lives and the amenities we use, e.g. an app. It allows users to opt for timed updates and effectively engage existing and new users to their preferred content. All in all, our push notifications services shall allow your application to extend beyond the browser and briefly engage with the users.

8.  Web Accessibility

An inclusive practice, web accessibility ensures no barriers that would prevent interaction among the abled and disabled. For, web accessibility ensures equal access to the information and functionality of a website to all the users. It aims to address the requirements of the visually impaired, people with dysfunctional mobility, with hearing impairments, seizures and those who are not cognitively and intellectually developed to perceive the web like an abled person. We ensure, every user (businesses, individual users or society) enjoy equal usage and access to the same information and data with our web accessibility services.

To surmise, web design and development processes are ever changing and adapting to technological advancements. Hence, to be in the game, you must keep up with the latest trends. As a quality driven web design and development company, Apparrant Technologies provides outstanding services by staying at the top of their game. Hence, if you want your websites and mobile applications to stay ahead with the advancements, call us today and we shall help you with your requirements.

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