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Kotlin Getting More Preference Over Java For Android App Development

Kotlin Getting More Preference Over Java For Android App Development

Kotlin is a general-purpose, open-source, statically typed coding language designed for the JVM and Android that combines both object-oriented and functional programming functionalities. Kotlin became the hero in the field of Android app development as soon as it landed in the market. Kotlin has potential to develop Applications for JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Android OS, browser and native environment. Earlier, Android app developers used to give more preference to the Java for development of an Android app until Kotlin came into existence. Now it would be wrong to say that “Java is the only and best option  to offer Android app development service.”

Here are some data to support the dominance of Kotlin by the end of 2019 (According to the latest Kotlin Census and Statistical Data)

  • 2.2 million users. 
  • Every year the user base of Kotlin doubles. By the end of 2019, it was expected to rise to 4 million.
  • Kotlin is used by 57% of users in production use.
  • For 39% of users, Kotlin is their primary language, which means the main or only one they use at work.
  • 70+ people are on the Kotlin development team at JetBrains.
  • 250+ independent contributors develop the language and its ecosystem outside of JetBrains.

154,525,768 lines of code written in Kotlin.

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Here’s Why Kotlin is the Best Option for Android App Developers

Developers who have already migrated from Java to Kotlin to develop an Android app would know how it is better than the traditional coding language. Kotlin is used mostly by those Android app development company that builds unique Android apps. This programming language was developed by JetBrains. Kotlin makes coding a satisfying experience for app developers. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major features of the Kotlin programming language that encourages Android app developers to use it. Let’s get going then!

#1 Familiar Syntax 

Kotlin is considered one of the most developer-friendly programming language. Kotlin’s syntax is not so complex; in fact, it is way more comfortable for any person from the OOP domain to code using this language. However, there are minor differences between Kotlin and Java - such as “val var” declarations. 

#2 Interoperability

Interoperability is one of the core purpose of Kotlin programming language. Since the beginning, the project focuses on utilising the knowledge, understanding, and skills to make every library available and compatible with Kotlin programmers. Through this, developers make sure to write modules in Kotlin that work smoothly within the existing Java code. By releasing the Bytecode, a Kotlin compiler blends with the two languages to work parallel in the same project.

#3 Requires Less Coding

Good news for every coder, right? Kotlin requires less coding as compared to Java. Kotlin language requires quite a few lines of coding to implement the same function as Java. Many Android app development companies are hiring app developers with Kotlin’s knowledge because with less coding it would be easy to deliver projects at a less time frame. To give a rough estimate, it could be said that the use of Kotlin reduces app developers’ effort by 20% than Java.

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#4 Ease of Learning

Coders don’t have to invest a lot of time on learning to code using Kotlin. Being quite similar to Java with intuitive and clean syntax, this language can be learned investing a few hours. 

#5 Safety 

Kotlin isn’t only easy but quite safe to use as well. As a programmer, you could avoid errors of NullPointExpectations using this programming language. Developers needn’t worry about the mistakes of operating on nullable types with the help of this language. Kotlin’s compiler allows an error-free coding experience by highlighting the mistakes for you.

#6 Free to Use

Being an open-source language, Kotlin is free to use by anyone without paying extra money for it. Developers can simply start using this language through the Java-to-Kotlin converter tool that revamps existing Java files into Kotlin. This tool allows developers to convert the complex codes to a simpler form without investing a lot of time and effort. This is why Android app development cost is more affordable if you hire a Kotlin programmer. 

#7 Tool-friendly 

Kotlin is a tool-friendly language, i.e. Android app developers are allowed to choose any Java-based integrated environment (IDE). This feature is one of the most attractive which attracts any developer to start using Kotlin without any extra effort and time. 


We can say Kotlin has seen vast growth in its user base since its release because of the different features it offers. If statistics are taken into consideration, it won’t be wrong to say that Kotlin can be the biggest market hit and could take  Android app development services to the next level. 

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