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List Of The Most Popular Types Of Fitness Apps 2019 And 2020

List Of The Most Popular Types Of Fitness Apps 2019 And 2020

Today we are going to focus on purely fitness , which of course is closely related to health. This is an app that monitors our physical activity and our diet. Gone are the times when exercising was reduced to grabbing the bag and heading to the gym.

Today we have countless apps for the smartphone or tablet that help us monitor our physical activity, motivate us to do it (some interrupt the soundtrack to let you know how you are going) and serve as a sports diary that takes due note of our progress, Progress that some apps allow you to upload directly online to brag or embarrass yourself.

Technological innovations have allowed people to work and communicate in an easier way. In addition, multiple mobile applications have been developed that offer services to benefit health by providing information on telemedicine, weight maintenance, performance in physical exercises, blood pressure, among others.

According to research by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many Fitness Application Development Company, there are several Health Apps that contribute to improving the quality of life and well-being of people. More than 2 million mobile health applications were downloaded in 2019 and the abandonment rate was 52% due to poor experience in its use.

 For doctors, students, researchers and athletes, these free mobile applications allow innovating in medicine and offer the user possible diagnoses of their health status. It also offers strategies to prevent some diseases and treatments.

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Advantages of mobile applications in health

The Fitness Trainer App Development in the field of health offer important advantages which are summarized below:

  • For users, it guarantees access to information related to their well-being.
  • It provides quick consultations on topics related to blood pressure, health maintenance with exercise and a nutrient-rich diet.
  • Monitor and control the physical state of the client.
  • It offers personalized treatments to improve health conditions without having to go to a doctor's office.
  • It has the ability to make histories with the various measurements they make, as well as interpretations of the data.
  • It helps improve the user's quality of life by offering alternatives to take care of their health.
  • As for the doctor, he guarantees health information that allows him to offer a better diagnosis .
  • It establishes a better doctor-patient relationship , because it has tools that allow them to make shared decisions regarding the best health conditions.
  • Each mobile application has an interactive guide that facilitates its use


Most popular FitnessAndroid App Development Services

In this section we offer you information about the most popular types of fitness apps 2019 and 2020 you can find and further look for.

To Exercise


It is an application to help you control caloric intake in an effective and safe way. The basic idea is that the important thing is not the diet itself, but to have a system that helps you live a healthy life. The app is ideal to understand the type of food and recipes suitable for losing weight quickly, it also allows you to understand what type of food are indicated to achieve a diet that helps you achieve your goals.


Provides tracking for running, skating, skiing, cycling, etc. includes GPS, provides statistics, progress, suggestions, etc.


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stimulates the achievement of goals through voice, very useful both in the gym and outdoors. GPS and virtual trainer to program routes, trainings, possibility to quantify progress, etc.

Sport Tracker:

enables trademark registrations , route maps, calculates times, routes and distance, among other functions.


Make exercise plans and include an agenda to write down daily priorities. It is a free application and is downloaded through Google Play. It is compatible with Android 4.4.

8 Fit:

It has the same functions as Sweat, but includes data such as preferred food products and allergies. It is also free and is obtained through Google Play.

To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight

Eat Slower :

The portable nutritionist , teaches to control the time to chew food slowly, gradually crushing each bite, to aid in digestion.

Diet Point :

Contains 150 programmed recipes , determines the target weight to lose according to the personalized base metabolism.

Fooducate :

Its main objective is weight loss without dieting through individualized food re-education according to parameters of age, sex, height, type of performance, user health status and control of carbohydrates.

Freeletics Nutrition:

Free mobile application that offers the user various recipes to balance the diet , so it suggests a series of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For welfare


Determines possible spots that may appear on the skin and includes a pulse meter. Control eating routines and analyse the amount of insulin the body should have.


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Social Diabetes:

Mobile application that helps control types of diabetes 1 and 2. Controls and monitors the administration of insulin and glucose in the body.

Android App Development Services by fitness app provide schedules for the person to sunbathe without burning, because it warns at what times you may be overexposing yourself. It records values ??and analyses the processes of sun exposure and vitamin D synthesis.

 There are many free and paid mobile applications that offer multiple health benefits, so they help not only patients, but also doctors, make decisions about their diagnoses and develop a model of preventive medicine to avoid accelerating future degenerative disorders or diseases.

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