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Liver damage from alcohol

Liver damage from alcohol

Liver failure is a condition that is caused by a disorder that damages the liver. Many people tired, weak and also lose their appetite, which is some of the symptoms of a liver problem. Many causes lead to liver damage; one of them is alcohol. It is also termed as alcoholic liver disease and is caused when the amount of alcohol consumed is in larger quantity and continuously. The symptoms of liver damage from alcohol range from none after that fever, jaundice, tiredness, pain and an enlarged liver. In some severe cases, a patient’s experience in the digestive tract along with the deterioration of brain function. 

How alcohol damage the liver?

When a person drinks alcohol on a regular basis, it is being absorbed in the digestive tract and is processed in the liver. The time it is processed the substances that are responsible for the damage the liver is produced. the more person drinks alcohol, the more it will damage it. The signs of liver damage are not shown early as the liver can function well even if it is eighty percent damaged. In such cases, people continue to drink alcohol and can also be. There are three types of liver damage due to alcohol :

  • Fatty liver -It a severe case of liver problems and can be it is a condition due to the accumulation of fat in the liver and occurs in about 90 percent of people who drink alcohol. 

  • Inflammation - it is a condition in which people who drink alcohol on a regular basis experience inflamed liver and are seen in about 30 percent of cases.

  • Cirrhosis - it is a condition and is the rare case just seen in about 10 to 20 people. In this normal liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue and which do not perform any function. This condition leads to disturbance in liver functioning and usually shrinks. It is a very serious problem and cannot be reversed. 

Liver transplantation

In severe liver damage cases liver transplantation, it is surgical removal of a healthy liver or sometimes a segment of a liver from a living person and to transfer it to the patient’s body whose liver is damaged. It is considered as the second most common type of organ transplantation and is the best option for people whose liver no longer functions. However whole liver can be taken from a person who is dead and from a living donor only can give a part of the liver and that donated liver can be stored for about 18 should be noted that people whose liver is damaged due to alcohol consumption can get liver through transplant if they stop drinking in future.  


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Donors of liver

Mostly all donated livers come from people who are brain dead and whose heart is still beating. It is very much necessary to match the heart size along with the blood type before donation of the liver. Some liver transplants are done by living; however, they cannot provide whole liver bur can give just a part of it.  

Top Doctors For Liver Transplant Treatment in India

India has many top doctors for liver transplant treatment. Below we have listed for you some of them:

  • Prof. Dr Mohamed Rela with 31 years of experience, Chennai

  • Dr Arvinder Singh Soin with 30 years of experience, Gurgaon

  • Dr Anupam Saha with 20 years of experience, New Delhi

  • Dr Ajay Bhalla with 23 years of experience, Noida

The procedure of liver transplant

The damaged liver is removed all the way through the incision in the abdomen, and the new liver is connected with the blood vessels of the recipient. The cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India is from USD 38000 to USD 44000. The operation takes about four to five hours, and the hospital stay is for about 7 to twelve days. Donors who stay in the hospital is for about three to four days. Liver transplant is the best option for patients having End-stage liver disease as well as acute liver failure.

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