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Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Mobile App Development has taken over the world and it is not new. About every business and industry has realized the potential mobile applications have when it comes to winning leads and users. Right from creating mobile-friendly websites to IoT to AI and ML, every trend has only one goal at its core - garnering maximum growth. 

Leading survey site Statista revealed that mobile apps are expected to generate about $189 Billion US dollars in the year 2020, and it is huge! To become a part of this burgeoning mobile app development growth, do you think that it can be done just by having a power-packed mobile app development strategy? Of course not, it is a part of your business success but complete success is driven by partnering with the latest trends in mobile applications. To make the job easier for you, here are some amazing mobile app development trends in 2020 that you can incorporate in your app for higher customer engagement. 


Mobile App Development Trends 2020 to look forward

Some of the trends we are about to mention in this blog may be known to you, but it is this fateful year 2020 when these trends will get more earth to grow and flourish. 

Also blending your current business with these ever-increasing popular development trends means a lot of changes to deal with, right from processing to implementation. So, let’s begin:

1. Beacon Technology at its pinnacle

For people who don’t know it, Beacon technology is not something new since 2013 it was simply lying in the market and nobody just knew how to correctly utilize it for higher engagement. But the wave of mobile apps changed its fate and today it is vital!

It works by using location technology that uses Bluetooth and sends personalized push notifications. This one of a kind proximity marketing trends that have already made a debut into the museums, hotels, healthcare and more other places due to the ease and user engagement it provides to a business. Also, FYI Beacons can do wonders in the retail sector when merged with IoT. 

2. APM and EMM 

Now, this is something you need to know right away. Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management are not something new they have always been a part of the enterprise mobility app development process. 

For years, mobile app developers have utilized APM- a kind of mobile metrics that are integrated into Google since 2016 to boost the overall performance. Due to its amazing quality, at present many app testers are using it into the app testing process to ensure the high-end quality of the application. 

Similarly, EMM has been a tool to securely enable mobile devices that are being used by employees to ensure app security, maintaining applications, and managing finances. Mobile computing and security structure and allow the secure exchange of data over mobile devices. 

Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

3. Impact of 5G Wireless Services

5G technology is one of the most awaited ones of all. To start with, the 5G network is said to hold speed about 100 times faster than the 4G network. This is something we need in the year 2020. Although 2020 will not fully help leverage 5G, by the end of the year we can expect to see a large shift of focus from 4G services to 5G wireless network.

5G is expected to bring more than just internet speed. Did you know, 5G will cater to other functionalities such as Data Security, 3D gaming, AR and Speed? Most of the smartphone development companies are already preparing themselves for the launch of 5G.

The mobile app developer should be ready to design apps according to the latest designs and did we just give you amazing advice on how to hire your mobile app development company for enhanced performance in 2020?

4. Wearable Devices  

Okay! We have already witnessed this one but yet there is so much more to explore. You just can’t get enough of it. According to a recent report, Business Insider noticed about 35% of jump just in the year 2019. And Statista found about $33 billion generated by just wearable devices in 2019, it looks like there is a lot of potential in there don’t you think? 

You can expect a lot of apps coming with fitness tracker compatibility, less dependence on smartphones and much more. So, in the future a lot of apps might not just sustain on being on smartphones, this can surely serve as a good opportunity for your organization. 


5. Artificial Intelligence and Apps 

AI has been the center of the talks all through the last year, and the trend is not going anywhere. Integrating artificial intelligence into mobile applications can help you a lot in making mobile applications smarter and also save a lot of time, money and effort.  

Right from automated calls and messages to gathering information about your core users AI is being adopted by every aspect of technology to boost investment and increase user engagement. 

6.   Android Instant Apps 

This too is nothing new, started in the year 2016, Google launched this extremely convenient option for developers and users. Native mobile app development for android devices is getting easier right from possessing website functionalities, UX, device memories and smaller app sizes and much more. 

Google instant apps are available for users at Google PlayStore for accessing apps instantly without the need to download them. Yes, such a saviour of device memories without compromising on the quality. People are even claiming that the engagement and conversion rate can get an increase of about 27% with just instant app development. 

Wrapping Up

These were the six most significant trends that you need to follow. Other than that, AMPs, IoT, AR & VR, eWallets are some other trends that you should be ready to see and follow in the coming year. If you are already using some of these trends, feel free to share your experience so that we can incorporate them into our statistical report. 

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