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New iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max available in 12 luxury models

New iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max available in 12 luxury models

A Limited Edition cell phone generally comes in a single rendition. The Russian maker Caviar, be that as it may, reports no under 12 select iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max models: 6 intense and chic men models and 6 extravagance and slick ladies models. Caviar is known for delivering elite Limited Edition telephones and adornments, which are frequently founded on the top models from Apple and Samsung. 

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Limited Edition cell phones 

iPhones are gigantically prevalent in Russia, the producer let us know. It isn't the first occasion when that Caviar has presented Limited Edition telephones dependent on the new Apple iPhone 2019 models. A month ago the iPhone 11 Space Collection was divulged, comprising of 5 forms, which were all adorned with an uncommon thing from space. The iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Edition was declared two weeks back, with a genuine section of the world-celebrated Titanic. This time the Victory Collection has been made, this extravagance line-up comprises of 12 sleek telephone models. 

In the base, the gadgets in this model arrangement are the equivalent. Implying that each telephone from the Victory arrangement has an up-to-date V-shape on the back, straightforwardly under the camera. This "V" symbolizes 'Triumph'. A sentiment of predominance. The client can pick which model they like: the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max. There are three diverse memory renditions accessible per model. 

Caviar's point isn't just to give the most delightful iPhones, yet in addition the best cell phones. In this way the organization directed investigation into client encounters with the new iPhone models. The outcomes demonstrated that the camera development on the back is seen as excessively cumbersome. Clients likewise discover Apple's gadgets less strong and hearty than wanted. Caviar has utilized this analysis to make a superior cell phone plan. 

The camera of the rich iPhone 11 Pro Victory Collection has experienced a structure update. The massive square development can't be found in the plan of Caviar, which makes the camera framework look extensively progressively trendy. The telephone is likewise given a stun safe spread made of solidified titanium. What's more, extra-solid stun safe glass is utilized. 

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The materials utilized contrast per model, for instance, the most costly Limited Edition is adorned with genuine jewels. Just 99 duplicates are made per model, so the shot that you will meet somebody with precisely the same telephone is little. Every gadget is talked about independently underneath. 

1. Triumph Titanium: a telephone produced using solidified titanium 

The iPhone 11 Pro Victory Titanium version is made of solidified titanium. The top has a smooth, daintily brushed look. A help has been applied under the V-shape, which additionally gives a superior grasp. It gives this telephone an especially amazing and intense appearance. The zenith of triumph and predominance! 

The Victory Titanium is the least expensive Limited Edition model from the new Victory line-up. All things considered, restrictive cell phones like these do accompany a lofty sticker price. In any case, well, at that point you do have something extremely selective! Perhaps an appropriate special present or a one of kind Christmas present? 

The 64GB iPhone 11 Pro expenses $ 4,280 USD, for 256GB memory you pay $ 5,050 and on the off chance that you need significantly more memory, at that point there is likewise a 512GB model accessible for $ 5,440 USD. The iPhone 11 Pro Max can be bought at a beginning cost of $ 4,740 USD (64GB) and goes up to $ 5,440 USD (512GB). 

2. Triumph Black Titanium: a profound dark iPhone 

Another model that will interest numerous men is the Victory Black Titanium. This exemplary model is additionally made of Titanium, over which a dark PVD covering has been applied. The whole gadget has a profound dark shading, with the help making an excellent look. 

Notwithstanding the camera framework, the trademark Caviar logo has been incorporated, as a crown. On the right-hand side of each Limited Edition, "Caviar Luxury Standard" is engraved, while on the left-hand side you will locate a one of a kind number: ? 01/99. 

This Black Titanium telephone costs $ 4,560 USD for the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro. The beginning cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is set at $ 5,020 USD. Much the same as different models, there is a decision of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB memory. 

3. Triumph Bronze: a rich and great model 

Do you incline toward a warm, appealling style? At that point the Victory Bronze may be an extraordinary option. This Limited Edition variant has a rich bronze appearance. The body of this extravagance cell phone is made of solidified titanium, over which a bronze covering is applied. 

By enlivening the camera in dark, the V-shape looks extra sharp, much the same as the bronze crown. The lower some portion of this model is embellished, making a wonderful sparkle over the gadget. 

On the off chance that you need to purchase this selective iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB memory a cost of $ 4,870 USD will be charged. For the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs start at $ 5,330 USD. Each model is provided in a great completed calfskin box with the fundamental adornments. 

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4. Triumph Titanium Alligator: a cell phone with crocodile calfskin 

The iPhone 11 Pro Victory Titanium Alligator version is additionally a cell phone for men. In contrast to the initial three models, this model doesn't have help. Rather, the solidified titanium body is beautified with dark gator cowhide. The top and the casing have a smooth silver completion, which gives an exceptional complexity. 

This delicate crocodile calfskin was likewise applied to the Viking Rurik Gold, of which LetsGoDigital distributed a survey not long ago. Something that I recall most about this gadget is the weight; such a Limited Edition variant is significantly heavier than a normal cell phone. However it was definitely not irritating, it gives you the inclination that you have genuine quality in your grasp. Something one of a kind, something extraordinary… 

The Victory Titanium Alligator has a beginning cost of $ 4,410 USD, for which you get the Apple iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB stockpiling memory. Remember, the memory of the iPhone isn't expandable, so on the off chance that you put resources into such a selective telephone, consider deciding on 256GB, which has an extra cost of $ 300. For the iPhone 11 Pro Max, costs start at $ 4,870 USD. 

5. Triumph Black Alligator: a dark gadget with delicate calfskin 

The Victory Black Alligator is the telephone for "men dressed in dark". The profound dark shading gives the gadget a baffling appearance, while the dark crocodile cowhide gives an extra rich touch. This delicate calfskin additionally guarantees that the telephone feels great when you hold it. 

Moreover, obviously, all elements of the iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone 11 Pro Max are available. Which means, this gadget is amazing, accompanies a triple camera and offers improved battery execution over its forerunners. 

As far as capacities, the two Apple cell phones are practically indistinguishable, which model you incline toward will to a great extent rely upon the decision for a huge or little screen. The iPhone 11 Pro is furnished with a 5.8-inch OLED show while the iPhone 11 Pro Max accompanies a 6.5-inch OLED show. 

For the Caviar Black Alligator form the beginning cost is set at $ 5,020 USD, you will at that point get the little iPhone model with 64GB memory. For Max, costs start at $ 5,480 USD. 

6. Triumph Black Gold Alligator: a premium cell phone with gold accents 

"A moderate lavish style," is the way this iPhone 11 Pro is depicted by Caviar. The Black Gold Alligator is a hitting telephone with which you will have the option to stand apart from the group. 

This Limited Edition telephone offers a mix of dark crocodile cowhide and unadulterated gold, which gives the telephone a noteworthy look. Both the cowhide and the gold are applied to the titanium lodging, which gives a smart 3D impact. 

The edge of this cell phone is secured with 18-carat gold. The unpretentious V-shape that is utilized over the whole width of the telephone is additionally improved with unadulterated gold. Much the same as the Caviar logo. 

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As such huge numbers of brilliant components have been applied to this restrictive telephone, the beginning cost is set at $ 12,730 USD. For this, you get the iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB memory. On the off chance that you rather pick the iPhone 11 Pro Max you need to consider an extra charge of $ 460 USD. Costs keep running up to $ 13,880 USD for 512GB memory. 

7. Triumph Elegance: sharp telephone for ladies 

Notwithstanding six a la mode men's models, Caviar has likewise planned six gadgets explicitly for ladies. The Victory Elegance is a white/silver rendition. Platinum-plated silver with an alleviation example was picked around the camera framework. 

The V-shape is additionally made of platinum-plated silver, which guarantees a trendy sparkle impact. What's more, platinum silver is additionally utilized for the Caviar logo. This telephone is additionally improved with gator cowhide, the white shading matches precisely with the silver. 

This great iPhone 11 Pro from Caviar is the least expensive Limited Edition rendition for ladies with a beginning cost of $ 4,410 USD. You pay $ 4,870 USD for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 64GB memory. Furthermore, there is a 256GB rendition for $ 5,170 and for the individuals who store a ton of film material on their telephone there is a 512GB model accessible for $ 5,560 USD.' 

8. Triumph Bloom: platinum-plated silver iPhone 

Is it true that you are stressed over the white model getting grimy too rapidly or may you simply like some more shading? At that point the Victory Bloom may be a decent alternative. The base is improved with brilliant pink/purple crocodile cowhide. The platinum-plated silver top gives an especially clear and a la mode differentiation.

Do you see yourself shooting selfies with this gadget? Both iPhone 11 Pro cell phones are furnished with a 12-megapixel selfie camera. The picture mode is especially suggested in master audits. The gadget figures out how to enroll a lovely profundity of field proportion, making selfies look exceptionally proficient. 

The cost of the Victory Bloom Limited Edition is equivalent to the Victory Elegance. At the end of the day, costs start at $ 4,410 USD. Caviar offers free overall transportation and if the gadget doesn't satisfy your desires, all things considered, it can without much of a stretch be returned. 

9. Triumph Passion: a brilliant gadget for energetic ladies 

Do you like intriguing hues? At that point the Victory Passion is a phenomenal model. This elite cell phone is furnished with snake calfskin with an extraordinary green/yellow/orange shading plan. With this model, Caviar centers around the enthusiastic lady loaded with affection and feeling forever. 

The upper piece of the cell phone is made of kirinite and finished with a high quality help design with a dull green shading plan. This python cowhide telephone is outfitted with a solidified titanium outline, likewise the forced Caviar crown is made of titanium. 

On the off chance that you have any questions between these three models (Elegance/Bloom/Passion), the cost won't be the integral factor. Since simply like the two previously mentioned ladies' models, this intriguing iPhone 11 Pro is likewise accessible at a beginning cost of $ 4,410 USD. 

10. Triumph Love: dark red snake cowhide and brilliant edge adornment 

Triumph Love satisfies its name. This gadget is blazing on all sides. The red shading plan represents enthusiasm and love and the red cowhide finish gives this iPhone a colorful look. This selective iPhone 11 Pro (Max) is fitted with red python calfskin. Red composite stone with an alleviation example has been incorporated around the camera framework. 

The V-shape is embellished with 18-carat gold and the casing of this cell phone is additionally made of unadulterated gold. This gives the cell phone an extravagant and warm appearance. 

The cost of this stylish love telephone begins at $ 12,340 USD for the 64GB Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The top model expenses $ 12,800 USD for 64GB memory and goes up to $ 13,500 USD for 512GB stockpiling memory. This cell phone likewise arrives in a constrained version of just 99 pieces.

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 11. Triumph Desire: a plan of action with an exemplary look 

It is safe to say that you are wild about gold and is a gold telephone outline insufficient? At that point the Victory Desire merits considering. The whole top is brightened with 18-carat gold. A help example has been applied around the camera framework, giving the telephone an exemplary look. 

The extravagance snake cowhide has a dull darker shading plan and gives it a warm touch. This new iPhone radiates unadulterated riches and will be a wonderful frill and a genuine gem to wear with you. 

On the off chance that you pick the most rich, at that point you won't save money on memory either right? The 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Victory Desire costs $ 19,870 USD and the 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max can be acquired for $ 20,330 USD. This model is obviously provided in a top notch calfskin box. 

12. Triumph Diamond: top model and most costly form secured with precious stones 

There is constantly a superlative… Where the Victory Desire is made of gold and cowhide, the Victory Diamond is totally made out of gold. Glossy silk gold with a smooth structure is utilized for the top, while the base part demonstrates a brilliant alleviation surface. 

This superior Caviar Victory cell phone is the main model with a V-shape trimmed with lovely jewels. With no under 25 sparkling precious stones, this iPhone 11 Pro is the apex of extravagance. 

For the gold iPhone 11 Pro with jewels, the cost is set at $ 31,460 USD for 512GB of memory. The 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 31,920.

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