HubFirms : Blog -Pre-'Raven' Tesla Model S P100D kills Ford Mustang, Audi S4 in twin race

Pre-'Raven' Tesla Model S P100D kills Ford Mustang, Audi S4 in twin race

Pre-'Raven' Tesla Model S P100D kills Ford Mustang, Audi S4 in twin race

Indeed, even before Tesla revealed the "Raven" update for its leader car and SUV, the Model S P100D as of now had a notoriety for being a beast on the drag strip. One such vehicle gave a token of this during a racing session, as the vehicle lowered two prominent contenders while running the high-10s. 

The vehicle being referred to was a 2017 Tesla Model S P100D that is strikingly enveloped by matte silver. At first, the electric vehicle was tested by a Ford Mustang 5.0, which wound up bouncing very right off the bat in what had all the earmarks of being an endeavor at getting a headstart on the Model S. This demonstrated to be vain as the pre-Raven P100D rapidly got up to speed and surpassed its gas-chugging rival. 

Regardless of being driven back the line by the apparently over-energetic Mustang driver, the Model S left away with the success, hitting the quarter-mile mark in 11.11 seconds at 119.65 mph. The Mustang did well as far as concerns its, completing the race in 12.89 seconds at 112.42 mph. 

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As supported by YouTube's victoryredcolorado channel, the Tesla Model S P100D proprietor was "done being the pleasant person" after its race with the Mustang 5.0. Ridiculous Mode empowered, the pre-Raven Model S P100D confronted another challenger as a B8 Supercharged Audi S4, which was furnished with a V6 motor evaluated at 333 hp. The S4 had a control weight of around 3900 lbs, far lighter than the Tesla's 4,941 pounds. 

The Audi S4 completed the quarter-mile in 12.77 seconds at 112.92 mph, which was entirely good however insufficient to beat the pre-Raven Model S P100D. In correlation, the leader Tesla car finished the race in 10.91 seconds at 117.9 mph. That is still outstandingly noteworthy, and well into the region of intriguing vehicles like the Pagani Huayra (10.9 secs) and the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (10.8 secs). 

The Tesla Model S has just gone better with age. With its ongoing Raven refreshes, which presented a 370-mile run, better charging, a refreshed drive unit, and new suspension (among others), a Model S Performance had the option to check in a 10.6-second quarter-mile at 127.55 mph straight out of the processing plant. The Raven Model S was not in any case outfitted with execution advanced 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels, using the organization's stock 19" Silver Wheels. 

Watch the pre-Raven Tesla Model S P100D kill two gas-controlled rivals in the video underneath.

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