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Prediction for Interior Design Trends in 2020

Prediction for Interior Design Trends in 2020

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be closing 2019 and welcoming the dawn of a new decade.

Along with the closing of the year, we’ll be saying goodbye to the fast trends and short-lived fads that would be considered outdated and old-fashioned in months to come. Of course, some trends managed to stand the test of time, and we can predict some trends that became prominent in recent years would still make waves in the coming year. But there are some that should be left behind and permanently forgotten.

The world of interior design may not be as fast-paced as other industries, but it’s still a dynamic field that sees burgeoning ideas and concepts year on year. It’s where art meets science, where aesthetics should be blended well with functionality.

For 2020, the interior design trends are loud and exciting, a lot more explosive than the trends from previous years, but it’s nothing less from what we expected and hoped for the start of the decade.

1. Texture, texture, texture

Velvet will be making a come back for next year. Expect to see it used for signature pieces such as couches, walls, and even carpets. It’s the eclectic mix of comfort and luxury, and designers are already incorporating it in their pieces. For this texture, match it with a bright color—shocking pink, vibrant orange, bright blues—for an even more dramatic effect.

Textures are exceptionally tricky to use and execute, especially for commercial spaces. If you’re unsure how to make it work, don’t hesitate to hire an interior design and build firm to guide you through the process.

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2. Black and white is the new black

From the other end of the color spectrum, black and white is another trend that would be making splashes in 2020. Despite the colors’ stark contrast, it’s a classic combination and something that never really strayed from what’s hip and popular. But for the next year, it’ll be one of the most go-to choices for color combinations.

Due to how classy it can be and how easy it is to work with both colors, the color scheme black and white will be making a comeback in the color palette choice of professional designers, be it for residential projects or commercial ones.

3. Geometry everywhere

The use of geometric patterns has been around for the longest time, but there’s a steady popularity for this. It’s from fading out from the scene, especially with how it brings to life what could have been a boring design. It’s not going away soon, knowing how it can be used for pretty much everything—walls, floors, ceilings, couches, pillow, and everything else.

Be careful when using geometric design as too much of it can actually be pretty tacky. Use it in moderation to achieve the best effect.

4. Grandmillenial is the newest catch word

A mix of vintage and contemporary designs, you say? “Grandmillennial” is what they call millennials who prefer the use of patterns and design choices that others would have labeled as stuffy, tacky, and basically, “grandmotherly”.

In simpler terms, grandmillenials incorporate the old and new to a pleasing effect, making otherwise corporate setup less suffocating as usual.

Yet, 2020 proves yet again that sometimes, even outdated trends can make a comeback and become extremely good at it. It’ll be a pretty interesting year to see how designers will incorporate these trends into their projects.

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