HubFirms : Blog -PUBG Lite update unveils Lite Pass Season 2, Chicken Medal and more

PUBG Lite update unveils Lite Pass Season 2, Chicken Medal and more

PUBG Lite update unveils Lite Pass Season 2, Chicken Medal and more

PUBG Lite has consistently been most loved among individuals for its similarity with a wide scope of gadgets that have less RAM to run the game. The engineers of the game discharged another update of the game on October 10 and this update delivers a lot of new advancements and occasions. 

The new update incorporates extra in-game monetary forms, another 4v4 game mode, a couple of more adjustments in the store alongside the two-season update. Notwithstanding these, the game update has fixed a couple of bug issues from the past rendition. 

New Currencies to include 

This new update presents two kinds of new in-game monetary forms other than BP and L-COIN-Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet. 

The Chicken Medal is another exceptional cash that can be traded for paid containers. You can trade four chicken award for a box, however the swapping scale may fluctuate contingent upon the cost of the container. 

The chicken decoration can be procured from the day by day login occasion, through LITE PASS and LITE PASS: Premium Rewards, Challenge Missions, Daily Mission, PUBG LITE Playday occasion on ends of the week, containers obtained with BP and network occasions. 

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Despite what might be expected, the Silver Bullet is procured when a skin thing is rejected. At whatever point you scrap any things, you will presently get Silver Bullet rather than BP. The conversion standard of silver projectile changes as indicated by the foundation shade of a thing. For example with dark foundation things you can get 10 silver shots, with pink foundation things you can get 400 silver slugs and the coral foundation things can surrender you to 500 silver projectiles. 

Light Pass season 2 

The new Lite Pass season 2 will be accessible from October 10 and will keep running for about two months finishing on December fifth. The season will stretch out till December 12 enabling the players to guarantee their prizes after the season closes. The day by day missions will begin at 00:00 AM (UTC) and the week after week missions will reset at 00:00 AM each Thursday (UTC). 

Nearby these; Beginner, Premium and Challenge Missions are accessible for fruition over the span of the LITE PASS Season 2. Premium missions might be accessible for the players who will buy a LITE PASS: Premium. Players can buy the LITE PASS: Premium till December 2, 2019. 

The new challenge missions incorporate UMP45 and BODIE (4 versus 4 Mode). You would now be able to appreciate a few exercises including vaulting, wrecking tires, breaking windows, utilizing acts out, decimating an entryway, and so on. 

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Endurance Title System Season 2 

This new season has landed with new season rewards. This season will likewise be made live from October 10 and will keep running till December 12. The season prizes incorporate Novice V 1000, Experience V 2000, Skilled V 3000, Specialist V 4000, Expert 5000 and Survivor 6000. 

The new 4 versus 4 modes have another profession record framework for monitoring player's ongoing interaction accomplishments and insights. At whatever point you complete in excess of 20 matches in the 4v4 mode, they can check records for example matches played, win rate, execute streak, KDA proportion, exactness, headshots, and so forth. 

Bug fixes: 

This new update of the game has understood some significant bug issues in the game. The designers have fixed the point of the extension issue where it would wind up straightforward because of weapon crash. It was additionally difficult to enter a divider under a specific extension in Sanhok and now it is fixed. 

Punch sounds could be heard stronger than planned crosswise over various floors in a structure and the surface of the delicate top UAZ back wheels would not show appropriately. These issues were additionally fixed. Now and then in the wake of matchmaking, it would get dropped subsequent to exhibiting a spring up message, this issue is likewise settled. 

The new update is live now with new energizing things and missions alongside the improved gaming highlights. Proceed to give it a shot at this point!

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