HubFirms : Blog -‘Raven’ Tesla Model S Performance crushes muscle cars in multiple drag races

‘Raven’ Tesla Model S Performance crushes muscle cars in multiple drag races

‘Raven’ Tesla Model S Performance crushes muscle cars in multiple drag races

Indeed, even before it got Tesla's "'Raven" refreshes, the Model S P100D is as of now a beast on the drag strip. Outfitted with two electric engines and a robust 100 kWh battery pack, the pre-Raven Tesla Model S P100D broke electric vehicle generalizations when it routinely surpassed supercars, thanks in no little part to its moment torque that permitted an over the top 0-60 mph time of 2.28 seconds. 

The Raven updates to the Model S brought considerably more range and proficiency to an effectively noteworthy vehicle. On account of a refreshed drive unit and different improvements, the Model S's range was raised to an industry-driving 370 miles for each charge on the non-execution long-go variation. The scope of the Model S Performance, some time ago the P100D, has additionally been raised to 345 miles for each charge. Combined with different updates, for example, Fully Adaptive Suspension, the Raven Model S was improved with significantly more torque and power. 

These enhancements were eminently apparent in an ongoing video posted by the Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube, which included a stock Raven Tesla Model S Performance hustling against a lineup of adversaries including Ford Mustangs, a Corvette, a Chevy Camaro, and a vigorously tuned Honda Civic. The outcomes, no doubt, were very remorseless, at any rate for the Model S' rivals. 

The Tesla Racing Channel group is known for clashing against probably the most forceful vehicles on the drag strip and past. The group's experience surely played a factor in the Raven Model S Performance's race results, as the vehicle had the option to make snappy work of every adversary, leaving them off the beginning line and pulling until the part of the bargain. 

During a session against an eminently uproarious Ford Mustang, the Model S Performance was even ready to reset the stock Tesla record by running the quarter-mile in 10.546 seconds at 126.08 mph. In general, just the Chevy Camaro demonstrated some battle against the all-electric premium car, crossing the quarter-mile mark at 133.80 mph, which is about 8.4 mph more than the Model S' trap speed of 125.39 mph. 

What is especially surprising is that the Raven Model S had the option to achieve its ruling accomplishment while being completely stock. With an overhauled set of haggles, and maybe a stripped inside (the Tesla Racing Channel group has done this before, to great outcomes), Tesla's quickest car would almost certainly demonstrate considerably quicker. 

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Watch the Raven Tesla Model S Performance duel a few muscle vehicles and a tuned Japanese great in the video underneath.

Pre-'Raven' Tesla Model S P100D kills Ford Mustang, Audi S4 in twin race


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