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React Native developers India

React Native developers India

In the digital era, competition is increasing in the IT market so the mobile app is the basic need to reach the target customers. Today, every mobile user wants quick information so companies are targeting mobile apps to increase their business revenue. Many mobile app development frameworks are available in the market and React Native is one of the best frameworks to create any mobile app. This cross-platform is used by React Native developers to develop an extensive app for iOS and Android phones.


What is React Native Mobile Development?


React native was launched by Facebook and this JavaScript framework is used for iOS and Android platforms. Many famous companies like Facebook, Tesla, Instagram, Bloomberg are using React Native. Moreover, it is very cost-effective which allows users to operate it as in a lucid manner. JavaScript interfaces are also exposed by React Native so its apps can access platform features like user's location and phone camera etc. 


Reasons to choose React Native App Development Services:


1. One-stop solution: React Native is based on ideas so complex tasks can be solved using simple codes. Facebook’s UI library is used to make simple codes for the implementation and execution of this framework. Moreover, it has 'Live Reload' feature which allows real-time code changes. 


2. Cross-platform for app development: In React native, you can use the same code for creating apps for both platforms- iOS and Android. So, react native development company can provide every kind of app development services to different types of businesses. 


3. Cost-effective: Money is the most important factor whenever you are going to start any business. It is very difficult for start-ups to survive in the tech-savvy market. There are many react native developers in India who can save your time and money with the best app development services. 

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 4. Consumes less memory: The tools of this lucrative framework give smoother run-time with well-diversified modules which makes it very easy. This framework consumes very less memory space because there is no requirement for the cross-bridge linking. Mostly codes are used during run-time. 


5. Reusability: It is the key to react native as building blocks are considered as native components which can be compiled directly into the native language for iOS or Android. Typically, React Native allows same speed in approaching mobile app development without sacrificing usability and quality. 


Developing apps for cross-platforms with the same codes is like the cherry on top. In many cases, some major projects remain incomplete because of developer's backing off but with React Native mobile app development, work won't stop you from developing the app as its manual is easy to understand by all.  


Important things to consider before diving into React Native app development: 


If you have a desire to create your presence on different platforms but not having many resources then React Native is the best answer. 

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(i) The purpose: Undoubtedly, react native is one of the best frameworks but still, you must be clear with your purpose to develop an app on this framework. If you have not a genuine purpose, then you can't expect great visuals and a stunning performance from them. React native allows users to use underlying components that can be accessed from a WebView application. 


(ii) Pick the right navigation library: 


React Native offers efficient solutions and the best replacement for the existing navigator component. So, it is very important to choose the best navigation library from the starting. Although, two types of navigation libraries are present- the Native navigators and the JavaScript navigators. The JavaScript navigators are easy to set-up and the other one is more performance-oriented. 


(iii) Use expo-kit only in requirement: 

Expo-kit is one of the best open source tool chains with some limitations. As third-party package having custom native modules is not supported in React native so expo-kit has to be ejected later. Expo-kit should be used if there is a requirement of a quick playground for developing a new app. 


React Native brings the speed to the mobile app development environment. React native help in improving efficiency and by using this, the workload can be reduced by 50%. For example, if a company wants to deploy to both Android and iOS, then it is required to develop both apps natively. Whereas, in case of React native, you need to concentrate only on one app which will run on both platforms. So, if you have a small project then only one skilled developer is sufficient. 

This type of productivity boosts is cleared in the Instagram case study in which 90% of codes were reused in both platforms. Because of React native's accessible nature, flexibility is also ensured. 


Wrapping up: Now, it is crystal clear that if there is any requirement for the multi-dimensional mobile app then React Native app development is the best solution, which works for start-ups as well as well-flourished business. So, turn your business ideas into reality and give a shape to your dreams in the form of a mobile app. 

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Gary Bhatti (NetSet Software Solutions)
Gary Bhatti (NetSet Software Solutions)

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