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React Native Vs Flutter – A Developer’s Perspective at What to choose in 2019?

React Native Vs Flutter – A Developer’s Perspective at What to choose in 2019?

Are you confused on which one to choose between React Native and Flutter? In this article, we will make sure to offer you complete details on their development frameworks as well as a brief comparison on both.

As people today have grown to be more and more inclined towards mobile phones, the overall demand for mobile apps has also increased to a great extent. And, with this developers are constantly on the lookout for robust technology which will lower the time at developing fresh mobile applications.

So, from a developer’s perspective where does React Native and Flutter fall and how do they exactly help?

Let’s just start by understanding the goal of a Mobile App Development Company. In today’s competing world it would be to select a cross-platform framework which will allow developers to write a single codebase and even use it across several platforms. Such a process helps to save not only time but money as well.

What is React Native?

React Native was initially introduced by Facebook which covered how a developer could combine both Android and iOS platform’s nativeAPIs. After its introduction, it was known as the Future of Hybrid Apps because of it’s because it helped React Native Developers with its-

  • Easy React Native App Development Services
  • High-end React Native Mobile Development

Some of the most popular apps that you didn’t know were created by React Native?

1.       Instagram

2.       Facebook

3.       Pinterest

4.       Skype

5.       Tesla

6.       Bloomberg


8.       FB Ads Manager

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile app software development kit which was initially introduced by Google. Some of the extraordinary features of Flutter are –

  •   High-fidelity
  • Super high-performance
  • Extremely fast applications
  • Supports on both iOS and Android.
  • Powerful as well as a thin layer of C/C++ code for easy reading, replacing and even developing by developers.

Interesting apps that are created by Flutter

  • Google Play
  • Xianyu App by Alibaba
  • Reflectly
  • Google Ads App
  • Topline App
  • JD Finance app
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Which cross-platform development stands out among both of them?

We cannot possibly give an exact answer to this until and unless a comparison between the both is done. In this article, we will be comparing both of them in terms of the following points –

  • User Interface
  • Architecture
  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Customer Base

Let’s hop onto a clear comparison between React Native Vs Flutter

1.       How the User Interface does differ in both?

There is a huge difference between react native and flutter when it comes to the user interface of an app and in creating its block component.

Flutter works flawlessly along with its propriety widget sets and helps in getting the best-customized UI design. On the other hand, react Natives simply based on native components. However, React Native also happens to be the most dynamic framework at enhancing user experience.

2.       What about it’s Technical Architecture?

React Native architecture relies on JavaScript Bridge whereas Flutter uses Dart framework. All in all, Flutter has everything which is needed for developing an app in the Flutter engine.

3.       How do they differ in Performance?

Now coming to the performance, it is true that React Native has a bigger fan following and community. Also, both it does exceptionally well because developers now face fewer issues at creating hybrid application architecture. Whereas, Flutter eases work for developers as they can now reuse the existing code. Flutter’s C++ engine has worked flawlessly so far, hence gaining appreciation among users and developers.

4.       How can we judge their Stability?

Stability stands as one of the major aspects when it comes to judging both of them in terms of creating an impeccable mobile app. The competition for both of the frameworks is difficult but to the lower struggle, we do have an answer for you.

–         If you have a larger project in hand then do not go for the Alpha Version of Flutter.

–         However, do take a look at the Flutter beta 2 version and see how you like its super impressive features.

React Nativeis a framework which has already gained its fame for its features and higher reliability in the industry.

5.       What do customers think about both Frameworks?

Over the years, people have loved and appreciated React Natives much that it no longer needs an introduction. It remains to be one of the most promising mobile app development frameworks among React Native developers. It sizes some of the biggest projects such as – Skype, Wal-Mart, Instagram, Airbnb, and Facebook.

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Gary Bhatti (NetSet Software Solutions)

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